Erotic Love Stories #1 - Romance 101


[erotica, teacher, student, classroom sex]

Emily is a straight “A” student on the fast track to a business degree, but lately she’s been having a hard time focusing in Professor Kingsford’s class. She blames it on her heavy workload, but it might have more to do with her teacher’s rugged body and gorgeous dimples.

With only a few days left before midterms, she has to find someone to help her catch up on what she’s missed in the lectures, but since her schedule conflicts with the regular study group, the professor gives her some personal attention.


      Ross continued rocking his hips up and down. Emily moved hers in time to his movements so his girth spread her lips and swept across her pink valley on every down stroke while each upswing brought the base of his cock gliding across her clit.
      Ross’s member slid between Emily’s legs quicker and smoother as she got wetter with each pump. Waves of pleasure crashed between her legs and carried her mind farther out to the sea of passion. She craned her neck forward to kiss Ross, but couldn’t quite reach him. So she sat up to bridge the gap. When she did Ross’s upward-thrusting erection slid halfway inside her before he stopped himself. Her eyes went wide as she gasped, not just because it had happened so abruptly but because if felt so unexpectedly incredible.
      His warmth pressing against her inner walls was tantalizing, and the prospects of having him deeper inside her, exhilarating. But the best of having him there was simply knowing the fact that he had chosen her out of all the girls in the world to let past his defenses and give his most guarded pleasure to. Conversely she had welcomed him into her private palace. It felt like they were sharing their deepest secrets.
      Ross and Emily’s noses touched gingerly. She still had one hand around the back of his head and was using her other arm to prop herself up on the desk. His strong hands held her by the hips delicately. He rubbed the side of his nose against hers and asked in a hushed, concerned tone of voice, “Is that too much?”
      Emily nuzzled back taking a meandering path to bring her lips into contact with his. As she kissed him she slid her long legs over his hips and crossed her ankles behind him. Slowly she pulled him into her until he had completely filled her up. Emily squeaked when their pelvises finally met. This was his first penetration, and he was already pushing her limits.

Word Count: 9,540

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