Erotic Love Stories #3 - The Astronaut's Lover


[romantic erotica, astronaut, romance, uniform]

Katie’s love life has been grounded for way too long. Her friends tell her it’s because her standards are too high, but she knows what kind of a man she deserves, and won’t settle for anything less. The problem is, she’s stuck working at a sleepy little dive bar in Cape Canaveral that doesn’t attract the type of guy she’s looking for.

Her luck turns around when she heads uptown for a change of scenery and meets Robert, an astronaut about to leave for the International Space station. What happens next is out of this world.


      Robert pulled her in and walked backwards all the way through the main room to the open balcony doorway. He kept his eyes on her as she took in the view. She could see the beach for miles in either direction. Overhead the stars were just coming out, twinkling softly. The scene was perfectly romantic, but looking up at the sky made her feel sad that Robert would be up there soon, out of reach.
      Robert followed her gaze up to the stars. He must have been having similar thoughts. He said, “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I wish I didn’t have to go to the space center tomorrow.”
      “Why’s that?” Katie asked.
      “Because I’m having such a good time with you, and I don’t want it to end. I wouldn’t normally say something like that, especially not on the first night I met someone, but meeting you wasn’t normal. I know this sounds forward, but something about you...everything about you...captivates me.”
      Katie lost her breath for a moment. When she collected herself she said, “I feel the same way, but you might not want to take that as a compliment. I usually have bad taste in men.”
      Robert laughed and said, “I think you have great taste in men.”
      Katie put her hands around Robert’s waist and looked at him seriously. “I want to trust you.”
      “Well, I have a top secret security clearance. How’s that for trustworthy?”

Word Count: 6,680

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