Erotic Love Stories #4 - The Anniversary


[interactive, MFF, threesome, romance, erotica, romantic erotica, bi female, couple, swingers]

Every year on our anniversary, my husband, Liam, does something extra special to show how much he cares about me, and it’s always something naughty. After six years of raising the bar, I can’t wait to find out what he has planned for our seventh anniversary. He knows all about my fantasy to share him with another woman, but he’s already turned down the perfect opportunity once. Maybe someday he’ll be ready for the adventure. Maybe tonight’s the night. Anything can happen.

“The Anniversary” is an interactive e-book. At key moments in the story, you will be able to choose what the characters do next. Take control, and decide how you want the adventure to unfold.


      She let out a scream filled with relief and the bittersweet agony of overpowering ecstasy. The blast short-circuited every muscle in her body and she went limp sliding off of Liam landing on top of me. I dug my hands out from under her and wrapped them around her stomach, hugging her against me. Our sweaty bodies slid across each other’s soft curves, and our faces pressed carelessly against each other’s muffs.
      With Robin’s pussy smothering my face, I reached a hand behind me searching for Liam but couldn’t find him. Then I felt his hands grip my ankles. He pulled me towards the other side of the bed towing Robin and the blanket underneath us along as well. Robin lifted herself back onto all fours wobbling but managing. I looked downrange past her navel and dangling breasts. I could just make out Liam removing the condom. He dropped it to the floor and then lifted Robin’s chin. He put his cock in her mouth, and she accepted it without hesitation.
      She sucked him obediently but stopped suddenly. She sat upright lowering her swollen mound closer to my face again. She said to Liam with a surprised tone of voice, “You didn’t cum?”
      Liam answered her matter of factly, “I was saving that.”
      Robin sat motionless for a moment and said, “Damn, you’re a superman.”
      Robin dismounted me and grabbed a pillow. She motioned for me to lift my head, which I did. She slipped it under and then laid down beside me sliding one arm between my neck and the pillow to cradle my head against her bosom. With her free hand she caressed my tits absentmindedly. She kissed her wetness off my cheek and said, “You two are incredible. We should have done this a year ago.”
      Liam said confidently, “It was worth the wait. And speaking of waiting...”

Word Count: 11,880

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