Erotic Love Stories Anthology


[erotica, romantic erotica, erotic romance, astronaut, choose your own adventure, interactive erotica, MFF, teacher, college, compilation, divorce, love]

Erotic Love Stories is a collection of Amelia's Moore's first four erotic short stories:

How to Fix a Broken Heart - A story about a lonely divorcee whose generous neighbor helps repair her broken house--and her broken heart.

Romance 101 - A story about a college student who learns a thing or two about romance during a private tutoring session with her hot professor.

The Astronaut's Lover - A story about a young bar owner who has an out-of-this-world adventure with an astronaut.

The Anniversary - An interactive e-book that lets you choose how a loving couple navigate a threesome on their seventh anniversary.


      Robert leaned down and kissed her. They explored each other’s mouths as his hands explored her body. He kissed his way down her neck to her breasts. His warm mouth found her nipples and kissed them lightly. He alternated toying one with his tongue and the other with his fingers. Her nipples tingled with desire as his right hand slowly made its way to her pubic mound and cupped her there. He made slow circles with his fingers on her labia as his thumb slightly grazed her clitoris.
      She grabbed his head, and bit his ear as his middle finger pushed its way inside her. His palm massaged her clit as his thick finger stroked her G-spot. She moaned as waves of pleasure washed over her. He pushed another finger inside and slid them both in and out tenderly as he kissed his way down her stomach until he had his face between her legs. The rhythm of his fingers quickened as he put his mouth on her clit and sucked. She gyrated her hips to the rhythm of his strokes.
      Understanding Katie’s need, Robert drove his fingers into her moistness harder. She hummed her approval to let him know he wasn’t going too hard. With her clit between his lips he hummed back. The tiny vibrations on her pleasure spot made her wince in ecstasy. With her clit still pressed between his lips he pressed the tip of his tongue against it giving it a long procession of quick flicks. Pressure began building in Katie’s nether as Robert’s expert touch drove her towards orgasm. As her breath began to quicken she panted, “If you do much more of that I’m going to cum.”
      Robert pulled his face away and looked Katie in the eyes. His fingers kept their same pace while he rubbed her clit with his other hand. “I can’t think of anything that would make me happier.”
      Katie’s eyes rolled back in her head as Robert’s movements drove her closer to orgasm. She fought to hold onto her sanity as she said, “I want you inside me when it happens. I want you to feel it.”
      Robert slowed his motions down to a slow rub as he rose into a kneeling position between Katie’s legs. She whimpered in anticipation as he slid his hands around to the sides of her waist and nudged her thighs apart with his. She lifted her hips as Robert slid his manhood inside her, the thick head spreading her pink lips apart. He leaned forward, gradually filling her with his flesh. He brought his face next to her ear and whispered, “Katie, you’re perfect inside and out.”
      Sitting back up, he rocked himself in and out of Katie’s tender passage slowly. She put her fingers in her mouth and licked them. Using her wet fingers she rubbed her swollen clit in quick circles, matching the rising pace of Robert’s thrusts. Their bodies acted like a perfectly synchronized machine.
      Holding Katie’s hips a few inches off the cushion, Robert drove his manhood into her with enough force to shake her entire body. She reveled in the feeling of being moved by his sold frame, and she could tell how much Robert was enjoying himself by the hardness of his member.
      Robert straightened his back and pulled his phallus out of her tenderness. He placed a hand under her ass and motioned for her to roll over. Following his lead she repositioned herself onto her hands and knees. Grabbing her hips, he drove his hungry cock back into her wetness. Katie reached between her legs and rubbed her clit, feeling his shaft with the tips of her fingers as he fucked her.
      The sound of their bodies slapping together rose in the air and were carried away by the ocean breeze. Katie buried her face in the soft cushion, biting the fabric to muffle her groans as she pushed her hips back to meet his thrusts. For a moment she worried that if there were any other balconies nearby someone might hear them, but her pleasure trumped her modesty. She decided she would enjoy herself uninhibitedly.
      Robert squeezed her ass and rammed her backside faster. His shorter, faster thrusts told her he was on the verge of cumming. She stroked her clit faster to catch up with him, which was not hard to do. The feeling of his hot cock pounding into her velvet slit was already making her lose control.

Word Count: 36,430

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