Fantasy World - Complete Anthology


[erotica, hardcore, sex, xxx, virgin, teen, male virgin, outdoor sex, cheerleader, football team, groupsex, anal sex, fantasy, explorer, Incan princess, sorority, jungle sex, photographer]

What's a girl to do when her boyfriend's out of town? Fantasize!

If you enjoy a good steamy fantasy, join me for four of my favorites: 1) Sexy explorer meets and seduces innocent Incan princess! 2) Young innocent exchange student is enticed into fucking the entire football team to earn her sorority letter. 3) Join me for a hot sexy fantasy in darkest Africa, where I meet a sexy, horny jungle man! 4) Tonight I'm the innocent jungle savage who meets--and is seduced by--her first man.


      I like sex. No, I mean I really like sex! Marc calls me his little nympho because I'm always ready, any time of day or night. Any position. Any playtoy. Any excuse.
      So what's a horny girl to do when her lover is out of town?
      One night, when he was down in Columbia, I happened to find a dirty magazine in the bottom of the closet. It had fallen out of a whole box filled with them, that he kept tucked away behind his business suits. He told me later that he'd collected them before I moved in, and still enjoyed reading them occasionally.
      That magazine, and the racy stories inside it, opened up a whole new world to me. Oh sure, most of them were probably written by men, even though they were supposed to be womens' true confessions. And most of them weren't even that good. But they were exciting! Virgin adventures, groupsex parties, cheating wives, college initiations. They caught my imagination in a way that I'd never expected.
      Suddenly I wasn't living in a sensible high-rise apartment anymore. And the dildo in my hand wasn't just a cold lump of plastic. I was tramping through jungles, meeting mysterious strangers, even traveling through time to live in different places and ages.
      No more boring little secretary anymore, either. I was blonde, brunette, redhead, black, oriental, even from another planet if I wanted. And in every reincarnation, I was tall, stacked, with a body to die for.
      Burly Viking warriors, hot college studs, the garage mechanic with a huge boner in his grease-stained pants. Every one was sexy, and built like a Greek god, and panting over that luscious imaginary body of mine...

Word Count: 7,913

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