Hazard Chronicles #4 - Carnal Pleasures


[erotica, hardcore, barely-legal, Catholic priest, church sex, male virgin, masturbation]

Father Andrew had lusted after Sara from the shadows for years. But he'd taken a sacred vow, and he didn't intend to break it. No matter how much he might want her--and no matter how many times he might stroke himself to a hot, sweaty orgasm in the privacy of his rectory bedroom--he was never going to cross that forbidden line by touching her...

Until the day she came to his office for private counseling, taught him the incredible wonder of sweaty carnal pleasures, and turned his entire world upside down!


      "So if you see a sexy girl and you want to bang her, you can't even touch yourself?" Sara demanded, staring at him in horror. "How do you keep from going absolutely nuts?"
      His sexual dream returned, so abruptly and so vividly, that all the blood drained from his head.
      "Father?" She was at his side in an instant, and gripping his arm with worried fingers. "Are you okay?"
      The fierce throbbing in his other head nearly made him groan. "I'm fine." His voice sounded strangled even in his own ears.
      "You sure don't look it!" she exclaimed, and pushed him toward his chair.
      Then her gaze shifted down, and her eyes widened in surprise. "Oh! Wow!"
      He knew what she'd see...his loose black pants were jutting out at an obscenely erotic angle. This time he did groan, and buried his face in his hands. "Sara..."
      "Is that for me?" She sounded amazed--and intrigued.
      "Sara!" He tried to sound stern, but his head was still spinning with reaction.
      "Well, is it?" Boldly she laid a hand against him.
      He jolted so violently that he nearly stumbled and fell. "Sara, no!"
      Her smile widened. "Sara, yes!" she teased, and brazenly touched him again.
      The chair blocked his escape, and he tumbled into it with a muffled gasp. And then he gasped again as she bent in front of him, and deftly tweaked his zipper open.
      "Wow!" she exclaimed, as his rigid length tumbled out into her eager hand. "You're even bigger than Henry!"
      "Sara!" He moaned it this time, helplessly, as the wet warmth of her eager mouth suddenly enveloped him. Then her long golden curls were silky-soft beneath his trembling hands. "Ohhhhh..."

Word Count: 5,012

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