Hazard Chronicles #34 - MILF Magic


[erotica, hardcore, witchcraft, Halloween, MILF, older woman/younger man, Eternal, blowjob, outdoor sex, male virgin, first-time sex, The Hazard Chronicles]

Quinn had heard the rumors, but he’d never believed them. Witches were old and ugly, with warts on their noses. Weren’t they? Amelia was young, beautiful, and the sexiest woman he’d ever known. He’d do anything at all to become her lover…even when he learned that the rumors didn’t even come close to the shocking, arousing truth!


      “You want me so much.” Wonder infused Amelia’s lyrical voice as she moved a little closer. “I never would have thought it possible.”
      “Why not?” Quinn managed to croak the breathless question, then groaned with helpless excitement when her slender arms rose to circle around his neck. “You’re so beautiful!”
      “Am I?” That seemed to surprise her, and she blinked a few times. “I’ve lived so many different lives, and closed myself off for so long, that I’d stopped worrying about my appearance.”
      He never had a chance to question her enigmatic murmur; every rational thought fled his brain when she leaned enticingly against him, and rubbed her flat belly against his pulsing shaft. “Is this what you want, Quinn? To become my lover?”
      He could only manage a desperate moan that combined lusty hunger with frantic hope.
      “I haven’t taken a lover in so long.” He heard her voice echo from a million miles away, as if he was hearing her very thoughts. “I’d nearly forgotten the excitement of it. But you feel so good, so big and hard, so full of energy! Will you share that energy with me, Quinn? Will you fill me with light and heat, and make me feel alive again?”
      He’d pull the moon from its orbit if it pleased her!
      Her soft chuckle vibrated right down to his bones, and he felt his wild excitement kindle a notch higher. “I’ll do anything you want!” His fervent vow emerged as a breathless gasp…and then he gasped again when she curled her clever fingers around his rigid cock and began to stroke him through his long robe. “Oh God, Amelia, I’m so close!”

Word Count: 9,559

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