Hazard Chronicles #13 - The House Sitter


[erotica, hardcore, barely-legal, older man/younger woman, teen, virgin, religious commune, religious fanatic, hot tub sex, porn movie]]

Devon had been raised in a creepy religious fanatic's commune where all the men lived on one side of the compound, and all the women lived on the other side. So when her father's new boss, Rory Johnson, asked her to house-sit while he was away on business, and she found his big stack of porn DVDs, she was so curious that she just had to watch one! But she never expected him to come home early, and catch her at it.........


     Very slowly, Rory let his hand drift from Devon's silky hair to her glistening shoulder. Tiny bubbles popped under his fingers. "Would you like to have fun with me, Devon?"
     Again her rapt gaze was drawn up to the TV screen, just in time to see Trixie snuggling up against Butch with a delighted smile on her face. "They really are having fun?"
     "Oh, yeah!" And his cock was rigid and hot just from thinking about it!
     "No." Suddenly she backpedaled, and drew away from him. "I'd get in lots of trouble with my folks."
     "Only if you tell them." He wiggled his eyebrows teasingly. "I won't tell them if you won't."
     "I'm your friend," he repeated, and wondered if he'd ever been this innocent and shy. Probably not...he'd discovered the miraculous wonder of pretty naked girls a long time ago.
     "You know what," he added as inspiration suddenly struck, "you missed most of the movie since I came in and startled you. Why don't you watch it again, and I'll scrub your back. And if that feels good, then maybe we can play together a little more."
     "Well..." The bubbles sure felt good against her bare skin! And even though it was totally wicked, she really did want to watch the whole thing...now that she was sure he wasn't mad at her. "I guess that would be okay."
     Rory's cock hardened even more. If he played his cards right, would he be able to seduce her here, tonight? First in his huge bathtub, and later in his big luxurious bed?
     "Would you like to taste me?" He bent down so that his mouth was right against her hair, and whispered the words in her ear. "Would you like to touch me the way she's doing to him?"
     Her fingers twitched. "That would be awfully wicked, wouldn't it?"
     "Not between friends."
     She was starting to pant with excitement; he could see the way her pearly breasts were rising and falling faster. Bubbles clung to one soft peak. He leaned forward to wipe it away with his finger, and she gasped in surprise.
     "Did that feel good?"
     "Yes!" She sounded shocked...and hungry for more...

Word Count: 4,571

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