Hazard Chronicles #26 - Three Men and a Babe


[erotica, hardcore, groupsex, religious retreat, interracial, blowjob, anal sex, M/M/M/F]

Chelsea had been looking forward to spending the entire week banging Pastor Quetzel--but when she arrived at the so-called religious retreat, she found him banging one of the pretty teens! Now she was horny, frustrated, and drunk. That was a bad combination...unless she could entice three of the other horny, frustrated, and drunk counselors to fuck the living daylights out of her!


      When the jug of rotgut came back around, Chelsea tipped it back, and let it burn all the way down her throat. "I have had one helluva rotten day," she said as a hot glow pooled in her stomach, and spread through her body in giddy waves. "And talking doesn't help. I don't want to talk. I want to fuck."
      "You wanta...what?" It was Van who gasped the disbelieving question.
      "I. Want. To. Fuck." And to prove it, she shoved the jug into his hand, and began clumsily undoing the buttons on her blouse.
      "Sugar, you can't just..." Kyle sputtered a little; then his jaw dropped as she yanked her blouse apart, and began fumbling with her lacy red bra. "Holy Christ!"
      Clumsily she groped for Van's belt, and ended up nearly smacking him in the groin. "Are you horny, too?"
      "We can't do this." Kyle's voice shook as Chelsea turned to him. "It's wrong..."
      "Why?" She sounded perfectly lucid as she rotated her shoulders, and her flimsy blouse fell down her back. "I want you, and I know damned well that you want me, too." Her gaze darted down at Pierce's bulging pants, and lingered. "All you have to do is reach out and take what I'm offering."
      As they stared in rapt fascination, she reached between her generous breasts, and flipped the clasp on her lacy bra. It snapped apart like a rubber band, and her lush globes tumbled out. Moonlight shimmered on her satiny skin as she deliberately threw her shoulders back, making them jut out even further.
      Chelsea laughed, and gaily waltzed toward the open cabin door. "Who wants to tuck me in bed?" she teased, wriggling so that her breasts swayed back and forth in the silvery light.
      They moved as one, and she laughed again. "Oh, this is gonna be fun!"

Word Count: 3,497

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