Hazard Chronicles #18 - New Beginnings II


[erotica, hardcore, barely-legal, pseudo-incest, stepfather/stepdaughter, teen, pregnancy, lactation, childbirth

Adam needs sex so bad that he's going absolutely crazy. But Brenna is about to have her first baby, so they had to stop fucking each other weeks ago. And after the baby is born, it will be another two whole months before they can start up again.

But Brenna has other ideas. She wants sex one last time before she goes into labor. She wants it now. And she isn't going to take 'no' for an answer!


      "If I cum inside you, the hormones in my sperm could make you start labor early." He'd told her that before, but he didn't think she'd really believed it. "And I'd hurt you." That was something he wasn't willing to risk. "The baby's dropped so much in the last few days that you don't have room down there anymore."
      "I don't care." Her eyes began to glitter with frustration. "I've been going crazy these last six weeks, and you have, too! You know it's true!" Her gaze dropped to his worn slacks, which were jutting up in a huge hard-on tent just below his belt. "You're horny right now! Why won't you fuck me?"
      He was tempted...oh, how he was tempted! But he'd been so horny for so long that he wasn't sure whether he could be gentle. And right now, when she was so close to delivering, he didn't dare be anything but gentle!
      "At least touch me," she sighed, and helplessly closed her eyes. "And I'll give you a blowjob. That way we can both feel good. Please, Adam?"
      Why hadn't he ever thought of that before? Impending fatherhood was definitely messing up his thinking.
      "Okay. That I can do. But if anything hurts you, I want you to tell me right away."
      Excitement began to ripple through Brenna's swollen body. "You won't. You never do, even when we do it hard and fast."
      He wanted to do it hard and fast right now! But he wasn't going to risk anything that could harm Brenna and his unborn daughter.
      Swiftly he stripped his clothes off, and tossed them aside. Brenna was naked under the single sheet. He slid it away, then simply stared at her.
      Her nipples were already wet as milky fluid rose to the puckered tips. Adam touched each dusky peak with his tongue, and she moaned with delight. "Oh God!" She bucked against his clever hand, and her hips rose in shuddering reaction.
      He should have done this weeks ago, he realized as she fell back, gasping for air. "Again!" he whispered against the lush curve of her breast, and slid a single finger into her wet passage. "God, you're tight, Bren!"
      Her breasts heaved with pleasure. "Even more...than the first time?"
      "I think so!" He bent down to nuzzle her soft curls. "But you're just as tasty!"
      She moaned in delight. "Then eat me, Adam, and let me eat you, too!"
      It was a plea he couldn't resist. Eagerly he stretched out beside her, and began to slide his finger back and forth. Slick wetness welcomed him, and tempted him beyond belief! Then he felt her clever hands circle his rigid cock, and a low groan echoed in his chest.
      Oh yeah, he definitely should have done this weeks ago! How stupid he'd been to deny them both this glorious ecstasy, when they could have been fucking each other senseless!
      He couldn't push his surging cock into her, though. That was the one thing he couldn't risk. No matter how much she pleaded...

Word Count: 2,639

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