Hazard Chronicles #14 - While Mom Is Away


[erotica, hardcore, barely-legal, teen, virgin, outdoor sex, anal sex]

Randi had always wanted her mom's new husband, Ben, to be her first lover...but since he was strictly forbidden, she'd started going out with a boy in her class. Now they'd broken up, and she was so frustrated and horny! She wanted to get laid more than anything else in the world--but she'd never dreamed that Ben ached to be her first lover!


      Ben shifted behind her, and his big hands covered hers, soothing them. His deep voice echoed, low and hypnotic, in her ear as he bent close enough to whisper, "Tell me what Lex was doing to you."
      "Why? So you can go beat him up?" Not that he didn't deserve it, but...
      Ben softly chuckled. "No. So I can finish what he started. If you want me to."
      Randi sucked in a startled breath. "You'd... You would? But why?"
      For answer, he moved a little closer. Heat was pumping from his muscular body. But it was the big bulge jutting out from his tight jeans that made her gasp in surprise.
      He arched his hips, just a little, and let his swollen shaft graze back and forth against her sensitive thigh. "Because you're young, and beautiful, and sexy, and I get rock-hard every time I look at you."
      Randi gulped. "You do? But you married my mom..."
      "I love your mom." He said it quietly, and so sincerely that she couldn't doubt him. "But I love you, too. And I want you just as much as I've ever wanted her."
      Suddenly she couldn't breathe. The air seemed to have turned to thick soup.
      "And tonight, you're ready to take your first lover...and you're very wet, aren't you? And very aching and empty inside."
      Very, very slowly, he splayed his fingers so that they slid past her clenched hands...and began to caress her quivering skin. "You need to be filled, don't you? Long and slow and hard, until the aching emptiness is filled, and the entire universe explodes into brilliant colors around you."
      His hand glided teasingly across her full breasts. She gasped again, because it felt so good! Why hadn't it felt that good when Lex had fondled her?
      "I'll stop if you want me to, and we'll never mention it again. But if you want to finish what you started this afternoon, I'm yours. I'll fill that empty ache inside you. And I won't stop until I give you what you want...and need."
      A low moan rose in her throat as his agile fingers began to circle her rising nipple in an incredibly arousing pattern. And his other hand rocked back and forth between her legs, teasing her beyond belief.
      He really wanted her? It was like a dream come true!
      "Please..." She could barely even gasp out the word.

Word Count: 4,516

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