Hazard Chronicles #27 - Ranger's Lookout


[erotica, hardcore, groupsex, religious retreat, teen, brothers, twins, sexy ranger, older woman, milf, anal sex, M/M/F]

The annual spring retreat was in full swing. Brad's and Matt's real goals were to find some sexy girls and get laid, but so far they hadn't been having a bit of luck. But they got more than they'd bargained for when the sexy local ranger took them up to her cozy lookout...then offered to fuck both of them!


      Koko wasn't upset by Brad's and Matt's bold compliments. She worked hard every day to stay in top form, and it was flattering to overhear two teenage boys lusting over a woman ten years their senior. Amusing, too. What would they do if she suddenly whipped off her shirt and offered herself to them?
      She had to admit that it was a tempting idea. She wasn't ordinarily a cradle-robber; normally she took a short vacation every few months, and visited a good friend of hers who lived over in Hazard Valley. But he'd gotten married recently, and while she wished him the very best, it had left her feeling...itchy, she supposed.
      Okay, horny as hell.
      As a matter of fact, before she'd realized that her two refugees were only in their late teens, she'd entertained an extremely erotic fantasy about bringing them up here and seducing the pair of them. She'd never tried it with two men at once, and the notion was incredibly arousing.
      Thoughtfully she pursed her lips. Why not? She was horny, they were horny. They wanted to get laid, and so did she. They might be part of the religious retreat, and polite enough to be model Boy Scouts, but their religious beliefs obviously didn't forbid illicit sex.
      Yeah, the more she considered it, the more delightful the idea became!
      "When are they expecting you back?" she asked.
      The teens gulped hard, and cast another swift glance at each other. She pretended to ignore it, and the way their breathing quickened slightly, as she leaned back in her chair so that her tits jutted out just a little more.
      Maybe she was feeling wicked...okay, she was definitely feeling wicked! But she didn't think they'd turn her down. Matter of fact, with the slightest encouragement, they might just make her afternoon worthwhile!

Word Count: 4,706

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