Hazard Chronicles #9 - Irony


[erotica, hardcore, barely-legal, teen, Catholic priest, outdoor sex]

Father Andrew hadn't meant to break his sacred vow of celibacy with pretty Sara Gardner...and he was trying really hard to keep from straying into temptation again. But Sara's father believed that he'd be a good influence on her, and had thoughtlessly thrown them together for the afternoon.

How could they keep from getting burned when the passionate sparks started to fly?


      ...Sooner than he would have preferred, Father Andrew was tugging on his sturdy leather jacket, and climbing up behind Sara on the big motorcycle. He was careful to curl his hands around her waist, safely halfway between her lush breasts and her curving hips. The powerful motor rumbled, then began to vibrate between his legs. Instantly he felt heat sweep through his body, and his slacks tightened painfully.
      Sara waved a cheerful goodbye, then rocketed up the bumpy gravel drive. It was a testament to her skill that she missed every single rut without tipping them over.
      "Hang on tighter!" she urged over her shoulder.
      Her silky golden hair was streaming back, tickling and caressing his face. The rising heat became an uncontrollable pulsing thud. "Sara..." His answering shout was urgent with rising panic. "This isn't a smart idea!"
      "Hey, it wasn't mine!" she retorted, and slid back a little until they were tightly nestled together. The bike wobbled as she felt his rigid flesh jutting up against her sensitive skin. "Ohmigod!"
      Her strangled moan nearly drove him over the edge. "Sara, stop the bike!"
      She didn't have to be told twice! Panting, she spun it into a dusky skid, and then rocketed off along a practically invisible path through the thick trees.
     How they tumbled off the bike without tipping it over would remain a mystery forever. But one moment they were sliding to a dizzy stop in a grassy clearing, and then next moment they were frantically rolling with each other on the ground.
      "Sara, stop...wait..." He couldn't catch his breath, control the hot surges pulsing through his swollen cock, or tear her pants off fast enough. Then she was helping him, and he cried out in shocked delight as her small hands closed over him.
      "Hurry hurry HURRY..." Her urgent cries echoed in his ears, over the frenzied beating of his own heart. And then liquid heat seared him to the core as he lunged into her, and the shockwave exploded every nerve in his straining body...

Word Count: 5,598

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