Hazard Chronicles #25 - Spring Retreat


[erotica, hardcore, barely-legal, older man/younger woman, pastor, teen, virgin, religious retreat, cave sex]

Pastor Quetzel had been looking forward to the annual spring retreat, until he learned that the ultra-sexy campground manager, Marita, was out of town. Now he was so horny that he could barely stand it! But he was surrounded by pretty teen girls who might welcome the attention of an experienced man...and he could hardly wait to pick one to share his bed!


      His moving hand pounded a little faster, and slippery wetness lubricated his palm as slick pre-cum spurted from his pulsing crest. The erotic sensation, so like a woman's hot pussy, never failed to excite him. His fingers tightened, mimicking the quick spasms as his imaginary lover came hard, and his chest tightened with anticipation. Just a little more...
      Oh yeah, there! Deep grunts echoed from his chest as milky spurts arced through the darkness, and splashed across the weeds at his feet. It wasn't enough...it was never enough...but at least he could breathe a little easier again.
      He leaned back against the nearest tree with a relieved sigh, and continued to stroke himself. But his hand moved slower, and he could savor the sweet pleasure more, now that the first desperate orgasm had relaxed him some.
      It wasn't unusual for him to cum several times in a single evening...but usually they were spaced at least an hour apart. So the second hot climax, a mere ten minutes later, caught him totally by surprise. Panting, he clutched himself with urgent fingers, and every nerve in his body tightened with delicious torture before a massive explosion ripped through his swollen flesh.
      What on earth had caused that?
      Watching the kids?
      Now that was an eye-opener! He'd always gone for the women his age, or maybe just a little younger, because it was safer that way. He'd never tried to bed one of the pretty teens in his youth group!
      Just the very thought made him ramrod-erect again in seconds, and less than a minute later, a fierce surge erupted from his pulsing cock, and literally brought him to his knees.
      Wow! Who'd have figured that?
      Okay, he was definitely going to have to explore this intriguing new concept. They were all legal, no problem there. But how could he approach one of them without the entire group going postal? Because overall, what one knew, they all knew. Obviously he was going to have to approach this very delicately.
      He knew damned well that not all of them were still virgins. His church didn't practice weekly confessions like the Catholic church on the other side of town...but after a while, you just got to recognize the signals that an experienced girl sent out.
      Three or four of them were over there by the fire right now, sending out signals to their various boyfriends. He didn't want to mess with that, because a jealous young buck could do him a world of trouble. And he was their pastor, after all. He had an image to maintain.
      So...one of the virgins?
      Instant hard-on!

Word Count: 5,275

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