Preacher's Runaway (A "Preacher's Harem" Story)


[erotica, hardcore, runaway, virgin, older man, preacher, trucker, teen, masturbation, religious commune]

Luke was furious when he found a pretty girl stowed away in his truck! But Grace was a fascinating enigma...and the more he learned about the creepy religious commune where she'd lived until she'd managed to escape, the more he wanted to be her first lover!


      "I'm not going to hurt you." Luke sounded a little annoyed, then apologetically shook his head. "Look, I'm sorry if I scared you back there. I didn't mean to. But you caught me off-guard when you pulled your clothes off like that."
      Another baffling contradiction. "But you told me to!" Grace protested, then cringed as if she expected to get slapped for her impertinence.
      "Well, yeah, but..."
      Sudden awareness prickled down Luke's spine. "You had to obey Preacher no matter what he ordered? If he told you to strip down right in front of everyone, you'd do it?"
      "Of course." Strict obedience had been drilled into her from birth. "Preacher is always obeyed."
      His soft expletive echoed through the cabin for several long moments. "So when he told you it was your breeding time..."
      Grace shivered a little. "I tried to obey him. I did!" Her small hands twisted together in renewed distress. "But it felt so wrong when he touched me that I panicked!"
      He could see it all too clearly--the crazed old man, the frightened young girl. The manic expression on his face, the stark terror on hers. His eager panting gasps, her tearful whimpers.
      The hot lust that slammed into Luke, and hardened him to flashpoint intensity, was shameful--and uncontrollable. Fierce shudders racked his lean body as he sucked in one raspy breath, then another.
      "Grace...oh, God!" he groaned, clutching the big steering wheel with frenzied strength. Sweat began to bead his tanned forehead as he fought the primal urge to erupt in a hot orgasmic gush. "I swear I won't touch you. But if I don't beat off fast, I could wreck the truck, and kill us both! I have to...I have to!"
      Grace gaped at him with wide, frightened eyes as he urgently wrestled with his belt and zipper, then yanked his rigid eight-inch shaft free. The relief, as cool air wafted over it, was enormous! His eyes nearly crossed with giddy pleasure.
      It was just like before, when she'd listened to him vigorously masturbating...only this time he was doing it right in front of her! She stared in fascination as his hand whipped up and down, and the heady scent of his rising excitement enveloped her.
      Preacher had done this dozens of times every day, as he'd watched the girls praying or doing their chores. Why had he repulsed her, when every swift move of Luke's big hand was driving her crazy with a fiery lust that matched his stroke for stroke?

Word Count: 12,189

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