My Friend's Hot Mom: Paying Her Debt


[Milf, Cougar, Milf fantasy, best friend’s mom, older woman younger man, oral sex, anal sex, Milf erotica]

After letting his best friend Rick borrow his expensive telescope, Max is upset to find out Rick's mother, Sheila, accidentally sold it at their yard sale. She sold it for a fraction of what it was worth and now Max needs to buy a new one because he needs it for a school project.

But since her divorce, Sheila has been having money troubles and Max figures it’s going to take him forever to get paid, but what choice does he have? Well his smoking hot milf neighbor, Shelia, is about to make him a deal. Instead of paying him back the money, she offers another way to pay off her debt; by fulfilling all of Max's milf fantasies!


      “I thought maybe we could take it out in trade.” She stood up in front of me and swinging her leg over mine sat down, straddling my leg. “I figure I can’t really afford to pay you, but I do have something you want; something you might think is worth that much money.”
      “Sheila are you…”
      I stopped when she began unbuttoning her blouse.
      “Holy shit.” I whispered as she got to the last button and let the shirt fall open exposing a red lace bra that allowed me to see her dark nipples through it.
      “And honestly, Max? It’s not like I couldn’t use some fun, been awhile since I snuck out and got myself some hard young cock.”
      “Young?” I repeated dumbly, my heart feeling like it was going to pound through my chest.
      “Yes, young, that’s why I never bring guys home, because I don’t want Rick seeing me with guys his age.” She slid her blouse from her shoulders and it hit my leg on its way to the floor.
      I stared at her in just her bra, her nipples peeking at me. I’d see Sheila in her bikini many times, close up as a matter of fact, but the fact this was a bra and she was stripping had my cock hard and throbbing. Her skirt had ridden up to her hips as she sat on me and even through my pants I could feel the heat between her legs.
      “That’s right, honey.” She ran her long pink nail down my cheek sending a shiver through me, “I’m the hot cougar you want me to be, and you,” she rubbed her hands up and down my arms and squeezed my biceps. “Are one fine looking young man, I’ve thought that for awhile, but you live next door.”
      “A...and Rick…”
      “Yeah, you’re his best friend and your mom is my neighbor.” She sighed, “I shouldn’t play so close to home, but now that I owe you, sweetie, I figure I’ll make an exception.”
      “You…” I paused when she put her hands on her tits and rubbed her nipples through the lace.
      “I…what?” she giggled.
      “You want to have…”
      “I want to earn what I owe you.” She nodded then pinched her nipples and moaned softly causing my cock to bend painfully in my underwear as it strained to get loose.
      “F…four hundred dollars?”
      “I’m not worth that? Hmmm.” She made a show of thinking and my eyes widened as she moved her fingers to the clasp between the cups of her bra. “Tell you what, we’ll fuck tonight and you can come over Tuesday when Rick works next.” She slowly unhooked the bra and eased the red material a couple of inches apart. “So two hundred a night, I think I can make it worth it for you.”
      “Oh, fuck.” I breathed as she pulled the bra far enough apart for me to see the inner halves of her breasts.
      “Oh, yeah, we’ll fuck.” She whispered, “You can fuck me in any position, but not until I suck you off.”
      I stared at her speechless and she nodded, “That’s right, baby, I’ll get on my knees right now for you. Suck that nice young cock until you cum in my slutty mouth.”
      “Slutty.” I said softly.
      “Slutty.” She smiled, “I like to be slutty, I’ll be slutty for you, Max. I’ll be dirtier than any little girl you’ve played with, as nasty as any of those women you jerk off to in the movies.” She worked the cups of the bra up and down, teasing me. “But you have to decide, you want the money…”
      She worked her hips, grinding her pussy against my leg. “Or my money maker?”

Word Count: 15,070

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