My Friend's Hot Mom: Star Of The Show


[Milf, cougar, friend’s mom, older woman younger man, milf erotica, milf fantasy, erotica]

Greg loves photography, and since he's gotten his new camera, he’s been taking pictures for his friend Jack's mother, Molly, to use for her calendar business.

Little does Molly know she's Greg's favorite subject, and he has a collection of pictures of her by the pool in her sexy bikini. But she finds out when Greg mistakenly drops off the wrong disc, and Molly confronts him, showing him the pictures of her.

Embarrassed, Greg starts to apologize, but that's when things get interesting, because Molly loved the pictures so much she not only wants him to take more…this time she wants him to set his camera to record, because Molly has decided she wants to make a hot movie where she's the star of the show!


      I clicked some shots, then just stood there staring through the lens when she swayed her hips from side to side. My now fully hard cock was bending awkwardly in my jeans and as she sat up on her knees and lifted her hair again, showing off her smooth tanned back, I was already envisioning spending the day spanking it to these shots.
      “Having fun?” She swung her legs over the bed so she was sitting on the foot of it facing me.
      “Oh, yeah!” I told her, not trying to hide it, “Are you?”
      “Honey, this is so hot!” she sighed, “You wouldn’t believe how wet I am!”
      “I…you’re…” I lowered the camera, “W…wet?”
      “You are too cute!” She laughed, “Yes, Greg I’m wet, my pussy is sticking to my damn panties!”
      “Oh my God.” I said like an idiot.
      “This is so fucking hot.” She purred then drew her leg up so her knee was at her chest and extended the other, striking another pose for me.
      I managed to raise the camera and take a picture, but at this point it was an effort to steady my hands. Wet, she was telling me how wet she was. My mind was beginning to fill with porn absurdity. How far would she go? Would she going to get off to these just like I was?
      “You know what would be even more fun?” Molly stood up from the bed and sauntered up to me, “How about you put your fancy camera on video?”
      “Video,” I repeated numbly, “Film you.”
      “Hmm-mm.” she laughed, “I always wanted to be the star of the show! Go on, do it, let’s have some real fun!”
      “Okay.” I shifted the camera to record and flipped open the side screen, taking a couple of steps back so I had her properly focused on the small screen.
      “Hmm, you are having fun aren’t you?” She giggled and when I looked at her confused, she pointed below my waist, “Hazard of wearing tight jeans, Greg.”
      “Oh, shit! I…”
     “Honey, I’d be insulted if you weren’t hard.” She gave me a sexy smile, “You don’t think I know what you were doing with those pictures?”
      “Oh, um…”
      “The same thing I did.” She placed her hands over her breasts and as stunned as I was when she started fondling them through the dress I made damn sure I was filing it.
      “I played with myself, yes.” She stepped closer and smiled for the camera, “I lay back on the bed, staring at that picture of me rubbing my thigh and played with my pussy,” she winked, “My silky smooth and oh, so wet pussy. I rubbed my clit thinking of you jerking off to me and then shoved my vibrator inside and wished it was your hard young cock.”
      “What?” I was starting to wonder if I was hearing things.
      “Greg, are you that naïve?” she laughed, “Maybe you are, you’ve always been a sweet kid, not a cocky jerk like a lot of nice looking kids your age.” She lowered her hands and stepping back, raised her hair up again and gave a sexy little shimmy for the camera.
      “And you being sweet is why this was such a turn on. Finding out my son’s polite well mannered best friend has been thinking dirty thoughts about me and lusting after me. And I am so turned on honey that…” she lowered her arms and her smile turned into a nasty little smirk that caused my cock to twitch. “Let’s just say I’m ready to make a hell of a movie with you.”
      “You’re fucking with me,” I blurted out lowering the camera.
      “Not yet I’m not, but I will be, but there’s two rules.” She held up her finger, “First, you don’t question this again, I want a young man who wants me not a nervous boy, got it?”
      “Yes.” I nodded, holy shit!
      “Good because you want me, that’s made me want you and we’re going to have some fun. Two, that camera stays rolling the entire time because I want to watch it.” She licked her lips, “Over and over again and maybe even with you if you’re a good co-star.”

Word Count: 12,270

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