Spinning Heads #2 - Kirsty


[adult, erotic, exhibitionism and voyeurism, jealousy, betrayal, bisexual, threesome, anthology]

While sharing their fantasies one night, Suzie expresses a desire to watch her husband John with another woman. John of course is thrilled! After searching for weeks through online personals, they are excited to finally meet Kirsty, who is more than eager to help fulfill their fantasy.

In time, however, Kirsty reveals a naughty streak in her that ultimately puts Suzie in a compromising position, compelling her to keep secrets from her husband and placing their marriage in jeopardy.

John and Suzie get more than they bargained for in Kirsty, and surprisingly discover just how stimulating deceit and betrayal can actually be.


      "Kirsty, I can't keep doing this," Suzie pleaded as Kirsty worked her lips down her bare neck. "I have to tell John what we're doing! It feels so wrong to keep this from him, I don't know why we have to in the first place."
      "I told you," Kirsty said as she pulled away from her slightly and peered into Suzie's eyes. "It's exciting!"
      "But it's also deceiving!" Suzie pleaded as she moaned from Kirsty's touch on her pussy. "I can't believe I'm keeping something like this from my husband!"
      "Let's talk about this later," Kirsty demanded, "after we've exhausted each other! Do you want to do that?"
      "Yes," Suzie sighed as she let Kirsty lead her up to our bedroom.
      Suzie sank in the waves of pleasure as Kirsty gratified her with her mouth, tongue and hands. Suzie returned the gratification, feeling both joy and hate toward Kirsty. As much as a part of her wanted to throw her out and have neither of us have anything to do with her ever again, a bigger part of her couldn't let go of the immense desire for her.

Word Count: 5,800

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