Spinning Heads #4 - Voyeuristic Delights


[adult, erotica, exhibitionism and voyeurism, jealousy, betrayal, masturbation, phone sex, anthology]

A man comes home one night and accidentally overhears his wife engaged in phone sex with another man. What else has she been doing?! He develops an overwhelming obsession to find out. How far will he go to discover all her secrets?


      The basement had an inside and an outside entrance, so walking out of the house and sneaking down into the basement was hardly any problem. I'd quietly slip down through the outside entrance then sit and wait for the little red light that told me the phone was in use. After a moment I'd turn on the tape recorder and put on the headphones.
      It usually didn't take long before the conversation got heated. I'd listen to both of them moaning and whispering over the phone, listen to them both tell each other how bad they wanted to fuck each other, how much they wanted to make each other cum. I stroked myself furiously as I listened to their heated sex talk and came right along with them as they both orgasmed. I then turned off the tape player and sat exhausted, my mind reeling with the thought of my wife getting another man off.
      I did this for a couple of weeks, probably about three times a week. I'm not sure why I didn't notice it right away, but eventually I came to the realization that it wasn't always the same man she was talking to each time. I wondered at that point how many men she actually had dangling on her phone line. I just so happened to be masturbating when that realization hit me, which caused me to go off immediately. The excitement of that thought still lingered, however, and, fueled by their continuing dirty talk, I kept stroking. My cock continued to stay hard, and I still managed to cum a second time when they did.
      Eventually, just listening to her wasn't enough. I had a burning desire to watch her as I listened to her get off over the phone. I began looking around our bedroom when she wasn't around, wondering how I could feasibly set up a video camera which would be hidden from her view.

Word Count: 4,600

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