Spinning Heads #5 - Private Conversations


[adult, erotica, jealousy, betrayal, phone sex, anthology]

A strange night for Todd... First his wife takes off somewhere just before they're about to have sex, then she asks her sexy friend Lori to keep him company while she’s gone. Todd's longtime fantasy of being seduced by Lori starts to come true, but in the middle of it Lori calls her husband to tell him EXACTLY what she's doing!


      She continued listening on the phone as I watched in a dazed frenzy while my cock continued to be enveloped by her gorgeous mouth. I could start to hear the voice of her husband on the phone getting louder as she continued to suck and moan, but I still couldn't make out what he was saying.
      "But I don't wanna stop," she said, sounding like a little girl who'd just been scolded as she replaced her mouth with her hand, once again stroking me, using her saliva excellently as a lubricant, mixing it with my own pre-cum. "In fact, I want to show him my tits," she continued, looking at me with just as much teasing wickedness oozing out of her eyes as there was in her voice. "Yeahhh, I want to take my shirt off and show him my tits!"
      Despite the loud protests now coming from the phone, she released my cock and started to unbutton her blouse. As she got down a little ways I realize my suspicions were right, she wasn't wearing a bra. She giggled teasingly as she listened to her husband's protests over the phone, delighting in watching the total amazement in my face. She unbuttoned her blouse the rest of the way and spread it open to reveal her full, firm breasts.
      "There! He's looking at my tits, Kevin," she said tauntingly into the phone. "And I think he likes them!" Her hand then returned to my achingly hard cock. "Do you like them, Todd?"
      Laying there stunned and more excited than I ever remember being, I managed to slightly nod my head. Her golden tits were bigger than I pictured them to be and her nipples, framed eloquently by string-bikini tan lines, were standing out hard, obviously aroused and excited by the effect she was having on both of us, my pleasure and Kevin's torture. She was expertly providing just enough pressure on my cock with her pretty, red-tipped hand so that I wouldn't cum, which by that time I was constantly on the verge of doing.

Word Count: 3,700

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