Spinning Heads - Volume 2


[erotica, adult, betrayal, threesome, jealousy, masturbation, infidelity, handjob, exhibitionism, voyeurism, anthology]

A collection of erotic short stories. This volume includes the story of a young married woman who can't seem to keep her hands off other men...literally! Also, a man becomes obsessed with spying on his wife and observing her sexual indiscretions. Finally, a man finds himself being seduced by his wife's best friend...while she's talking with her husband on the phone!


      He looked around, scanning the area to make sure no one was within sight and reached down to his belt buckle. My pussy was oozing as I watched him unbuckle his belt, my blood racing in frantic anticipation.
      "You're sure you wanna do this?" he asked as he unbuttoned his pants and pulled the zipper down.
      "Yes!" I answered, struggling to get the word out, as my throat was swelling from the excitement of what I was about to do, what I'd thought about doing for so long.
      I stared hypnotically at his crotch as he revealed his cock to me again, this time on purpose. It was as big and hard and long and beautiful as I'd remembered seeing it before, and his face was flooded with excitement as he saw how turned on and mesmerized I was at the sight of it.
      I scooted over closer to him, reached down and wrapped my hand around it, causing him to gasp slightly as he watched wide-eyed at my hand gripping his hard cock. We looked at each other for just a brief second, then both of us looked back down at my hand wrapped around his cock.
      I gripped it real tight and jerked on it, which caused a painful look to spread across his face. "Oooh, not so hard, Luce," he instructed, reaching down and covering his hand over mine, halting my overeager stroking. "Loosen your grip a little and start out slow."
      I did as he instructed, treating his cock a little more tenderly, carefully watching his face and his reaction as I slowly pumped my fist up and down the awesome length of his cock.
      "Yeah, that's it," he exclaimed, his voice oozing melodically with the pleasure he was feeling, the pleasure I was giving him. "A guy likes to be built up slowly," he continued. "Don't be in such a hurry. Take your time at first, let the excitement build up. When he's about to cum, that's the time to get hard and fast."
      I listened intensely to each word of advice he uttered, excitedly following the instructions he gave as I continued stroking him, slowing down when he said to, and quickening my strokes at his requests.
      Feeling his cock in my hand, the texture, the length, the form, the combination of hardness and softness, feeling it twitch and throb, and watching his reactions to my manual pleasuring was more exciting than anything I'd ever felt in my life! I could feel the wetness building up inside my panties as my pussy was amazingly twitching and tightening, and to my surprise I started feeling the ripples of orgasm build up and spread through my body, even though my pussy was not being touched.
      My body quivered in ecstasy as gasps and moans of pleasure escaped from his mouth and filled my ears. I delighted in watching his face, his eyes glued hypnotically to my hand gliding up and down the length of his generous shaft, feeling his body move and shudder in reaction to the ecstatic pleasure my hand was giving him.
      Eventually I felt his cock start to throb, and his gasps of pleasure suddenly started growing hard and deep. "Oh, stroke me faster, Lucy," he said demandingly between his deep gasping, and I did so in exited anticipation. "Ohh, pump it harder, Lucy...harder...faster... Oh yeah, you're gonna make me cum! Ohh, make me cum, Lucy! Ohh, make me cum!"
      My breathing and gasping started growing harder as his moans of pleasure intensified. His cock started twitching uncontrollably as he closed his eyes and tilted his head back, his face tightening in what looked like excruciating pain. Ripples of orgasmic pleasure started soaring through my body as his cock spasmed in my hand. I watched his cock spurt out streams of white, milky cum, the first one shooting up over the steering wheel, the ones following landing on my cheek and his stomach, then just dribbling out of the slit, flowing over his cock and my hand...

Word Count: 16,890

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