Spinning Heads #1 - Anna


[erotica, adult, betrayal, threesome, group sex, jealousy, exhibitionism, anthology]

It all started innocently enough... In order to try and keep her friend Julie from getting herself in too much trouble, Anna decided to accompany her to the strip club to confront Julie's husband. But it's Anna herself that ends up getting into more trouble than she ever could have imagined!

When this average, everyday housewife discovers she still has the power to stir men's desires, she begins to hunger for more. Her gradually increasing craving for sexual attention builds to the point where she teeters on the edge of risking her husband and family in order to satisfy her longings. Anna's husband, however, changes the game completely when he discovers what's good for the gander is torture for the goose.


      I stopped at the entrance to the kitchen, and there he was. His appearance was nowhere near disappointing as I stood there and watched him spreading something on a piece of bread.
      He stood there totally motionless as he spotted me, his eyes wide in disbelief.
      "Hi," I said, trying to sound sexy, inching cautiously toward him. "You must be Chris."
      "Yeah," he said, sounding flabbergasted.
      "I'm Anna," I said, holding my hand out, trying to look and sound natural, as if I wasn't standing in front of him totally exposed and naked. "Warren's friend."
      "Hi, Anna," he said, still looking and sounding flabbergasted and confused as he cautiously reached up and took my offered hand. His eyes stayed glued to my naked body, trying to take it all in, which was making my pussy flow uncontrollably with excitement.
      "Do you like looking at my body, Chris? Do you think I'm sexy?" I asked, probably sounding more like a frightened little girl than a tempting seductress.
      He refused to respond, not knowing what to say as I stood in front of him and roamed my hands over his chest. He looked as confused and frightened as I felt, but I continued with my seduction, not fully believing that I was even doing this.
      Still looking him in the eyes, I knelt down in front of him and undid his pants, fishing his cock out and immediately engulfing it in my mouth. He moaned uncontrollably as his cock grew in response to the friction and sucking of my mouth.
      I took his cock out of my mouth and stroked it as I looked back up at him, noticing that his eyes were still glued to me. "Do you want to fuck me, Chris?" I asked, excitement oozing out of my voice. "I really like your cock, it's so big and beautiful, and it feels so good in my hand. Will you fuck me with this cock, Chris?"
      Without even waiting for an answer, I stood up, took his hand and led him back to Warren's bedroom. I undressed him as he started roaming his hands over me, the shock for both of us starting to fade.
      His cock was rock hard by the time I got him totally undressed, and I took his hand, pulling him on top of me as I fell to the bed. His bulbous head quickly found my unbelievably wet pussy, and soon he was pounding into me, thrusting deep and filling my eager cunt.
      Not more than a few seconds later, I saw Warren standing at the doorway watching us. Would he be mad? Jealous? Upset? Turned on? All that and more? I was excitedly waiting to find out, and I looked over at him. He had a slight smile on his face, almost as if he was expecting that this would happen. In any case, he made no attempt to stop us.
      Chris noticed Warren also, and any thought he had of stopping his thrusting was quickly squelched by my grabbing his ass and prodding him to fuck me deeper and harder.
      "Do you like my body, Chris?" I whispered heavily at him as he continued to thrust and pound into my pussy. "Do you think I'm a sexy woman?"
      "Yes!" he finally whispered back.
      "Do you like fucking a sexy woman like me, Chris? Did you want to fuck me the second you saw me?" I asked, realizing at that second, as soon as the words came out of my mouth, that I desperately wanted him to fill my ego as well as my pussy.
      "Yes!" he answered back, this time more enthusiastically.
      "Tell me, Chris! Tell me you want to fuck me!"
      "Yes, I want to fuck you, Anna!" he shot back, his cock starting to pound into me even harder. "You're so fucking sexy. I wanted to fuck you the second I saw you!"
      Those words filling my ears made me cum so hard, harder than I ever remember cumming, and I wanted to hear more. "Do I feel good, Chris? Tell me, Chris! Tell me how good I feel!"
      "Oh, you feel so fucking good!" Chris was starting to fuck me harder now as his voice was getting louder and more uncontrolled. "Your pussy is so wet and so tight! I love the way it's gripping my cock!"
      Each word out of his mouth was making me cum even harder, and I knew my pussy was starting to feel like a vise grip around his thrusting cock. He kept going on, telling me how sexy I was, how much he loved my body, how good my pussy felt, how he wanted to fuck me forever.

Word Count: 17,780

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