Promise Papers #11 - The Choice


[Barely Legal, Older Man Younger Woman, Virgin, Teen, Reluctant Consensual sex, Seduction, M/F]

He'd caught her red-handed on his property, and could have turned her over to the police as a trespasser. But pretty little Gracie was an irresistible challenge--and Dominic had never been able to walk away from a challenge.

So he gave her a choice. She could either let him prove that having sex with a man was fantastic...or he'd have her tossed in jail, and make sure that Sheriff Delzecki threw away the key.


      "I'm not going to have sex with you."
      "You seem awfully sure of yourself." Dom's voice was a deep Barry White rumble that, for reasons he'd never entirely understood but had never regretted, was amazingly effective with the ladies.
      Gracie spared him another derisive look, then shook her head. Fiery ringlets bounced around her slender shoulders, and grazed against her lush breasts. "I don't do men."
      That made his eyebrows rise. "On the all-girl team, are you? Have you ever tried it with a man?"
      She favored him with a delicate grimace. "Thank you, no."
      "Then how would you know if you'll like it or not?" His grin widened, revealing white teeth that gleamed against his golden-tanned skin.
      She had the audacity to lick her lips in distaste before turning away. "Not interested."
      Maybe not, but he definitely was. "Okay, I'll make you a deal. You give me one hour to prove you wrong. And if I can't manage to pique your interest by then, you're free to go. No cops, no hassles. I'll even feed you a good meal, and take you to the county line myself."
      "And if I refuse?" She stared at him with suspicion clearly visible in her pretty little eyes.
      "Then I tie you up and haul you to the sheriff's office right now," he said with a wicked grin. "And I guarantee you won't get out of there anytime soon--not on a Friday night, and not when the bail bondsman is away on vacation for the next two weeks."

Word Count: 4,743

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