Promise Papers #4 - Swingers


[erotica, hardcore, barely-legal, older man/younger woman, teen, virgin, strip club, voyeur, group orgy]

Damia knew that she shouldn't have snuck into the local rowdy strip-bar, "Swingers," with her older sister...and she certainly never expected to see a wild free-for-all group orgy taking place in the back room!

But before she could escape, she got caught!

Steve was muscular, gorgeous--and seriously pissed to find an innocent teenager inside the raunchy adults-only club. He only meant to teach her a lesson about going where she didn't belong...but when his passionate kiss made her so dizzy that she started to respond, he just had to take her home with him. And she was so incredibly horny that she couldn't say 'no!'


      "Why are they doing that?" she quavered, as someone else shoved by, pushing her hard against his wide chest.
      Steve understood her plaintive question, even though she couldn't turn to gesture at the noisy orgy-filled room behind her. "People come here to trade partners and...have fun they can't get anywhere else," he muttered, uncomfortably glancing away.
      "Fun?" she echoed. "How could that be fun? She was screaming!"
      Wry amusement lit his eyes, and she could feel him softly chuckling. "In ecstasy, my little innocent," he retorted. "But you wouldn't know about that, would you? I doubt if you've even been kissed properly, have you?"
      He kept one arm around her shoulders as they skirted the crowded dance floor, but there was no mistaking his intention to drag her outside. Probably, she thought with a terrified pang, straight to the nearest cop!
      If her folks ever found out, she'd be grounded for the rest of her life!
      "I--I don't want to leave yet!" she protested, digging her small heels into the plush carpeting. "I came here to see everything, and that's what I want to do!"
      Her tall companion stared down at her in disbelief. "You're not old enough, or mature enough, to see what goes on in there," he insisted, jerking his head toward the noisy back room. "What are you, all of twelve years old?"
      Damia stamped her foot in outrage. "I am not! I turned eighteen last week."
      His loud burst of laughter was nearly drowned out by the shrieking live band. "Oh, really!" he taunted, gripping her chin and forcing her to meet his eyes again. "Prove it!"
      Before she could protest, he caught her against his chest again, and half-lifted her off the ground. She gasped as his hard mouth descended on hers, forcing her lips apart. Stars began to dance against her eyelids as the passionate kiss seemed to last forever, until she was too weak and breathless to fight him.
      Gradually the pressure of his mouth eased, and her tingling feet found the floor again. She swayed, and felt his hand cup her shoulder, steadying her. His eyes, when he lifted his head to stare down at her, looked smoky with raw desire.
      He'd only meant to teach her a lesson. But...
      "Maybe you are old enough, after all," he murmured. There was something strange in his eyes now, some new awareness that sent shivers down her spine...

Word Count: 4,107

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