Promise Papers #21 - Hot Summer Orgy


[Barely legal, hardcore, teen, virgin, older man, outdoor sex, anal sex, interracial, groupsex, mmf, big cock]

Bambi knew that Danny would make her first sexual experience fantastic. But she didn't have any idea just how good it really would be--especially when his best friend, Murphy, decided to join the party!


      She felt nervous about just walking into Danny's folks' house, but he'd said it was okay. So she did. And when she saw him laying on a blanket beside the pool, sunbathing, her heart stopped dead.
      He was totally naked. And he had the most outrageously huge boner!
      Her heart jump-started again as he curled his fingers around it, and slowly began stroking up and down. Every time his hips flexed in reaction, she felt another hot quiver in her stomach.
      Her feet were frozen to the floor, but somehow her hand moved to swing open the patio door. And he looked over and saw her standing there, and a warm smile curved those gorgeous lips.
      Her skintight top came loose and fell off. Danny buried his face between her full breasts, and moaned with rising excitement. Bambi moaned, too, when his hot mouth fastened on one of her nipples. The sudden blaze of pleasure made her legs go weak. Pleasure ricocheted through her quivering body as he concentrated on her other breast, sucking and nibbling, until hot fire shot right through her belly, and she cried out in wondering shock.
      "If I can make you cum that easily, we're gonna have lots of fun today!" His voice sounded husky, almost drugged, as he slid down the length of her trembling body. "You like it both ways?"
      "Yes! Anything!"
      He grinned up at her, and wiped sweat from his eyes. "How about both ways at once?"
      "What?" She stared blankly down at him. Then she heard a deep chuckle from behind, and spun around to gape in surprise at Danny's best friend, Murphy. His coal-black skin glistened in the hot sunlight. And there was so much skin gleaming, because he was just as buck-naked as Danny, and hard as a rock!
      "How about it, Bambi?" His big hand whipped up and down his huge shaft like a piston. And it was even bigger than Danny's! She hadn't thought that was possible! "I just love to double-fuck pretty little white girls!"

Word Count: 3,347

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