Promise Papers #25 - Afternoon Delight


[Barely legal, erotica, hardcore, teen, virgin, roommates, mmf, groupsex, anal sex]

Nikki had wanted Christopher to be her first lover ever since she caught him banging one of the cheerleaders after the Homecoming football game. But since he only saw her as the tomboy tagalong who'd followed him around for years, she reluctantly let another guy be 'the first.'

Now Christopher is finally interested...and so is his sexy roommate, Ian! And Nikki is about to learn what sex-done-right is really all about!


      I wasn't too surprised when the door opened, and Ian tossed me a grin as he sprawled out on the opposite end of the long couch. "How you doin' today, luv?" he teased, kicking his shoes off. "Gonna get a good workout in a bit?"
      Christopher sat down on my other side, and stretched his long legs out. "Figured we'd try something a little different today," he said over my head, and cracked open his can of beer.
      Something different? That sounded intriguing! We'd been talking about hiking out to the cliffs a few days ago...maybe today would be the perfect opportunity!
      Then I suddenly realized that Chris was sitting awfully close to me, closer than he usually did. And Ian was leaning closer, too, his eyes gleaming with excitement.
      Something warm brushed against my leg, and a hot tingle abruptly ran through me as Christopher's long fingers absently traced an intricate pattern over my bare thigh. He was running his fingers up and down the edge of my bikini, almost sliding his fingers under the silky material as he toyed with the elastic border!
      Did he even realize what he was doing...and what he was doing to me?
      I risked a quick, furtive glance at his lap, and instantly caught my breath. His big cock was thrusting up beneath his swimsuit, jutting out at an erotic angle that made my throat go dry!
      And now his warm hand was resting on my hip, stroking my quivering skin in long, slow movements that were driving me insane with longing!
      Even more amazing, Ian was staring down at my deep cleavage with a hungry expression on his face!
      Then he met my startled gaze again with an appreciative smile. "Has anyone ever told you what a sexy little body you've got, Nikki?" he murmured in a deep, husky voice. "Every time I see you, all I can think about is making love to you! How about it, luv...you interested?"
      Holy shit, I had to be dreaming...I couldn't believe what I was hearing!
      But suddenly Chris's nimble fingers were caressing my breasts, gliding over and around my nipples until they hardened and peaked beneath his palms. "Fuck us both, Nikki!" he urged in my ear as his other hand slid across my waist to stroke my inner thigh. "Please, baby!"
      Ohmigod, both of them...at once? This was even better than I'd dared to hope for!

Word Count: 4,461

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