Promise Papers #9 - Special Delivery


[Barely Legal, Older Woman Younger Man, Male Virgin, Teen, Masturbation, Outdoor sex, Anal Sex, M/F]

He was cute, and she was horny. It was a winning combination. And Terra longed to seduce her gorgeous teenage delivery boy, Rand, and teach him about the wondrous glories of hot sweaty sex! But Terra wasn't the only one with seduction on her mind--and if Rand ever got up the courage to make the first move, she was going to get a special delivery she'd never forget!


      What would Rand think if he caught her out here with her fingers moving between her parted thighs? The thought was so arousing that Terra began stroking herself in earnest...and in moments a hot rush of pleasure whipped through her shuddering body. She moaned, low in her throat, and fell back against her lounger with a happy sigh.
      Maybe she could try to seduce him the next time he stopped by to deliver something. She'd been flirting with him for months, and he got tremendously turned on every time he came into her house. She was always his last stop for the day, too; he'd told her so last time, when he'd caught her out here in a skimpy bikini.
      She'd thought she could entice him into her bed then...but at the last second he'd lost his nerve, and bolted for his delivery truck. Hell, he was only eighteen, what had she expected? But all the same, she didn't think it would be too terribly hard to get him out of those crisp uniform pants, and into her hot, wet pussy!
      Suddenly her garden gate creaked, and she blinked in surprise. Rand was standing in the entryway, with a cardboard box in his hands.
      His eyes bugged, and he took a hasty step back. "Miz Collins! I'm sorry!" he blurted, and quickly ducked his head.
      Terra sat up, and casually reached for the bikini she'd discarded an hour ago. "Rand! What an unexpected surprise!" A pleasant one, too, because he wasn't dressed in his spiffy courier's uniform. So if he wasn't busy working, maybe she could entice him to stay for a while?
      "I, uh, I found this trying to cross the road," he stammered, and thrust the box into her hands.
      A box turtle? "Thank you, Rand!" She leaned up to kiss his cheek, and loved the way he flushed with nervous excitement. "I'll need to set up some kind of shelter for it."
      He was trying to stare at her lush breasts, and not get caught at it. "I dunno, I ought to get going..."
      No, you ought to get cumming!

Word Count: 4,030

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