Promise Papers #19 - The Fake ID


[Barely Legal, Older Woman/Younger Man, Teen, Male Virgin, Hardcore sex, Anal Sex, Strip Club, Voyeur]

James was pretty proud of himself for managing to fool the huge muscle-bound bouncer at Swingers, the hottest strip club in the entire state, with his brother's borrowed ID. Everyone gossiped about the hot orgies that took place every night in the luxurious back room, and he could hardly wait to see for himself if all the wild stories really were true...


      He'd done it!
      Elated, James took a brief moment to stare around Swingers' crowded main room before slinking into an empty booth in the corner where--he hoped--no one would notice him.
      He wasn't quite sure how he'd managed to get past the bouncer. Maybe it was because he'd been ogling a pair of pretty young girls walking down the street.
      Now he could scope out everything, and give his buddies the lowdown on whether the cops really did turn a blind eye to the orgies that supposedly went on in the back room every night.
      A fierce surge of raw lust arrowed right into his belly as he watched the gorgeous dancer on stage bend backwards so far that her bouncy tits nearly tumbled out of the gauzy wisp of lace holding them in place. Unnoticed, his right hand slid beneath the table to stroke the rigid erection that had jolted awake as soon as he'd sat down.
      Quick surges of pleasure rocketed through his veins, and he nearly moaned. He'd have to be careful not to stroke too fast or too long, because he didn't want to cum in his pants. But he could probably unzip them right here, and beat off until he shot thick ropes of sticky cum against the table bottom! As long as he didn't spatter anyone walking by, why would anyone notice or care?
      Just the thought of doing anything that outrageously daring pushed him a treacherous step closer to the edge, and he gulped air like a drowning man. Did he dare? It would be so incredibly exciting to stroke himself into an explosive orgasm while he watched the sexy dancer whirl in enticing circles...
      He jolted as a woman's low, husky voice suddenly echoed right in his ear. How had someone slid into the booth without him even noticing?
      He turned and gaped at the woman who was sitting next to him. Her dark eyes danced with suppressed laughter as she grinned mischievously at him. And she was even more gorgeous than the dancer whirling around the stage...
      Then recognition struck, and his mouth fell open in dismay. The school photographer! He'd been in her studio just last week to have his senior pictures taken!
      Her grin widened. "Hello, James. Mind telling me how you snuck in here unnoticed?"

Word Count: 4,590

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