Promise Papers #14 - The Joke's On Me - Pt II


[Barely Legal, Teen, Virgin, Brothers, Groupsex, M/M/F]


Matt had an incredible way with women--but even so, Tom never expected to come back from the grocery store, less than an hour after dropping Matt and Marisa off at their apartment, and find them passionately making love on the couch! Who could have expected that the innocent daughter of a seriously strict holy roller would be so incredibly hot? No matter what the price, he just had to have her himself!


      "I take it back." Tom's eyes were glazed with raw passion, and his voice was husky as he panted for breath. "Every single word. Name your price! Term papers for the rest of the year! Anything!"
      Matt had won the impulsive bet they'd made--that he could seduce pretty little Marisa within twenty-four hours--so now Tom owed him A+ term papers for the rest of the quarter. He could probably up the ante considerably more. But Matt was feeling too incredibly good to compete with his brother right now. "Up to 'Risa." He struggled valiantly for breath. "What'dya think, sweetheart? Would you like to fuck us both?"
      "Both?" Baffled, she gaped up at him in confusion. "I don't... What?"
      That made him laugh. Even after rocking his world right into orbit, she was still so sweet and innocent! "Imagine how good it will feel if we're both inside you!" he teased, rocking his hips back and forth again. "Even better than just this."
      The cake box fell onto the table with a muffled thump as Tom frantically yanked off his swimsuit. "Please, 'Risa, I want you, too! Please!"

Word Count: 2,794

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