Promise Papers #22 - The Little Girl Next Door


[Barely legal, erotica, hardcore, older man, teen, virgin, outdoor sex, masturbation]

Nick had dreaded coming home from college for the summer--until he caught a glimpse of Tori Phillips, his next door neighbor. When had the bratty little tomboy he remembered transformed into such a sexy vixen? He couldn't wait to get his hands on her, and hear her scream with delight!


      Somehow he answered Tori's curious questions, barely even conscious of his own words. His hands itched to touch her, caress her...
      "You need some more oil," he suddenly heard himself saying. His voice sounded strange even in his own ears, tight with barely-suppressed desire.
      "Oh, would you mind?" Delighted by his spontaneous offer, Tori rolled over and languidly stretched out beside him.
      The sun-warmed oil was hot and slippery between his palms. And her skin felt soft, smooth as satin. A muted sound, almost like a contented purring, escaped her as he tentatively stroked her back and shoulders.
      "That feels so good!" she murmured. She arched against his hands, lazily rotating her shoulders as his fingers kneaded her sleek muscles. "I'm so glad you're home again, Nick!"
      Of their own volition, his long fingers slid under the narrow strap crossing her back, then down her sides. "I'm glad to be home!" he confessed, bending closer.
      Actually, until yesterday, he'd dreaded returning for the summer. Now everything was different! He'd had women by the dozen out on campus...how could he not have noticed this little beauty waiting for him, literally in his own back yard?
      Tori stretched again, sighing with delight as his hands slid further down her ribs. His agile fingers were brushing against the outer curves of her breasts now, lightly caressing. He could smell her sweet scent on the hot breeze as he instinctively bent closer.
      She tensed slightly as his fingers dipped a little lower, then relaxed into his embrace again. Nick felt a wild surge of desire sweep over him, fiercely pulsing through his throbbing cock. He was already so close to the edge...all she'd have to do was touch him once, and he was going to cum like he'd never done before! So close...
      Her thighs started to quiver as he daringly slid his fingers even closer to her peaked nipples. She wanted him, too, he just knew it! "I think you ought to roll over, so I can put some oil on your front," he whispered.
      "I think you're right!" Her eyes glazed with pleasure, Tori slowly eased over on the wide lounger. "You wouldn't want me to get burned!"
      He was burning up...his swimsuit was so painfully tight that he could barely stand its confining pressure!

Word Count: 4,107

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