Promise Papers #26 - It's Miller Time!


[Barely Legal Teen, erotica, hardcore, teen, virgin, older man, groupsex, outdoor sex, dp, double penetration, anal sex]

Curt and Scott had been best friends their entire lives, and they'd shared everything...except a girl. But all that changed when shy, innocent little Melanie stumbled upon their secret hideaway, and discovered the joys of hot, hard groupsex!


      Her name was Melanie. And that seemed to go with her sassy short blonde hair and baby-blue eyes. Magnificent tits, too. Even if she'd had a face like a mud fence...which she definitely didn't...those tits would have caught my undivided attention. Full and bouncy, because she was wearing a 60's-style tube top, and there's no way you can hide a bra under one of those. The fellow who invented that springy little scrap of cloth should be knighted!
      We got her talking, and she wasn't dumb like you always expect true blondes to be. Actually she was pretty smart, once she stopped blushing and stuttering every time she looked at us. But that didn't happen until we'd sweet-talked her into trying a beer, and she started to mellow out a little.
      One thing drinking beer always does to me is make me unbearably horny. Doesn't matter if I've had sex a month or five minutes ago. Beer...hard-on. It's like a law of nature. And by then I'd already had a few, so I had a raging boner in my shorts.
      She noticed, of course. And once she did, it was like she was trying to look, but trying to look anywhere else at the same time, so that we wouldn't notice that she'd noticed. Did I mention that girls are weird? Why not just admit, "Gee, you're really horny!" And go on like it was nothing?
      Well, that struck Curt as funny, and he started to tease her a little. Just a little, because we could see that she really was embarrassed about it. But by that time, she'd managed to finish her first beer, and was getting just a little tipsy. So when I suggested drinking a second one, she grabbed it and took a big gulp. And then her eyes watered, and she started to cough. And Curt, being the helpful fellow that he is, leaned over and whacked her on the back.
      Remember that tube top she was wearing? When he pounded her back to help her stop coughing, the useless thing slipped down, and her pretty titties bounced right out. And she didn't even notice it for a second, because she was too busy trying to catch her breath...

Word Count: 4,000

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