Promise Papers #28 - Her Protector


[older woman/younger man, teen, male virgin, milf, cougar, hardcore sex, runaway, exotic dancer]

Toni didn't like being an exotic dancer, but a girl had to make a living somehow. Then her entire life changed when she caught a lonely teenage boy following her home, and realized that 'adopting a stray' was about to take on a whole new meaning!


      It wasn't the first time she'd felt like she was being watched as she made her cautious way down the quiet, empty street. But this time, she was sure that she saw a flicker of movement in the deep shadows.
      Toni tried to keep her movements casual as she slid a hand into her hoodie pocket. The butt of her small handgun felt sturdy and comforting against her palm.
      Yes, someone was definitely there. Prudently she stepped out of the dim lamplight, so that her own movements were harder to track, and eased the gun from her pocket. A girl couldn't be too careful these days, even in a little nowhere town like Promise, Montana. Especially not when the girl was an exotic dancer, and made her living swinging her tits for crowds of hooting, lustful men!
      "I know you're there." She was absurdly proud that her voice didn't shake as she issued the bold challenge, because her knees were banging together like maracas! "Come out and face me like a man."
      She was sure that she heard a swift intake of breath. Then dead leaves rustled a little...and a cautious hand, fingers spread wide to show that it was empty, emerged from the dark gap between the two dingy buildings. It was followed by another empty hand...and then the gangly body of a teenage boy. "I ain't gonna hurt you, I swear. So you can put your gun away again." His voice cracked a little as he gulped nervously.
      She kept it in plain view anyway. "Why were you following me?"
      A surprisingly beautiful smile lit his dirty face. "You're pretty," he said, angling his head to study her. "Even when you dress like me, in grubby sweats so that no one can see you real good, you're pretty. I just want to make sure you get home safe, that's all."
      That rocked her a little.
      Who was he? Where did he live? Why did he look like he hadn't had a decent meal, or a bath, in weeks? And why had he decided to become her youthful protector?
      A funny little jolt ricocheted through Toni's stomach. Was she crazy? She wasn't planning to have sex with Drew. She was no cradle-robber. He was too young...she was too old. Either way she fit the pieces together, they just weren't going to click neatly into place.
      But there was no denying that she was...well, curious. And wasn't that natural enough? The music and the dancing always made her horny. It had been months since she'd taken a man to her bed. The battery-powered toys tucked into her nightstand were adequate to the task, but left so much to be desired!
      Nothing--absolutely nothing--felt as incredible as a man's heavy body rising and falling over hers as he plunged into her with lusty abandon...

Word Count: 5,727

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