Promise Papers #30 - Summer School Seduction


[Barely-Legal, Older Man/Younger Woman, Teacher, Student, Teen, Virgin, M/F]

Thad hadn't volunteered to ride herd on a bunch of high school washouts--he'd been drafted. Like it or not, he was in charge of teaching the summer school remedial class.
He'd do his job--but no one had said that it had to be in a stuffy, sultry classroom. So when he decided to take the kids on a clandestine field trip to the nearby national park, he was elevated from 'jerk' to 'hero' in one brilliant move. That was cool; he could live with that.
What he didn't count on was the unbridled lust that tore him apart when pretty April started wandering along with him. Could he protect her from the ruffians that hung around her seedy apartment building, and still manage to keep his own eager hands off her sexy body?


      His traitorous hand moved of its own accord, and slid down her fiery hair. Quickly he pulled it back, and shoved it into his pocket. Maybe it would help disguise the rigid lump energetically jutting up against his zipper.
      Don't go there, Thad. She's forbidden.
      But his stomach churned at the thought of this pretty little girl having to spend so much time alone in a rough neighborhood.
      "It's okay." She forced a reassuring smile. "We've got nothing anyone would want, so they won't break in and steal anything."
      They'd want you. Thad felt another unbearable surge of hunger sweep through his long body, and did his best to ignore it. Students were off-limits, period. End of story. No exceptions, no appeal.
      "I'll drive you home. Will you run ahead and tell the other kids to start heading back to the parking lot?"
      She flashed him a quick grin. "Sure thing, Mr. Ryan."
      He watched as she dashed up the path, and vanished around the next bend. Then he drew in a deep breath, and let it out again in a troubled sigh. "Behave yourself," he muttered, scowling down at the thudding bulge in his pants. "She's totally off limits, and that's all there is to it."
      His rigid cock bobbed up and down in gleeful defiance. And with every passing moment, it kept getting harder and heavier, and his heart kept pounding faster.
      If he went back to the van like this, all the kids would wonder why Mr. Ryan was so brutally aroused. And then there would be talk...all damaging. Especially if they made the connection between him walking with April and being so double-damned horny.
      Sighing, Thad did the only sensible thing he could do: He left the path, found a thick patch of bushes that totally hid him from sight, and unzipped his pants.
      A long, low moan echoed in his throat as he wrapped urgent fingers around his cum-slick crown, and began stroking himself. Moments later, the first hot surge erupted from his throbbing cock to splash on the dusty ground...

Word Count: 12,464

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