Promise Papers #35 - Tamarin's Awakening


[erotica, hardcore sex, erotic memories, masturbation, teacher, student, teen, virgin, seduction, The Promise Papers]

Professor Brody Wyman had lusted after pretty Tamarin for years, ever since the summer he’d accidentally glimpsed her skinny-dipping down in the creek beyond her family’s farm. But he never dared to cross that forbidden line between fantasy and reality…until her father was killed in a tragic accident, and she turned to him for comfort.


            If only he could stop his mind from restlessly wandering back in time! And brightest in his memory was that endless hot summer, three years past...
      On a whim, he'd dropped by Tam's farm, and asked permission to ramble around, searching for rare plants and animals, where the vast national forest abutted McIlwraith's property. Sultry heat woke him the next morning, and he halfheartedly cursed the humidity as he explored the lush riverbank in search of unusual plants.
      When he heard faint splashing around the creek bend, he was more curious than concerned. Wild animals weren't likely to hang around a working farm. Still, anything could happen in the woods--and quite often did. So it was best to be cautious.
      He moved silently through the trees, placing his feet carefully to avoid snapping any fallen branches. His camera was ready...
      Then he saw Tam...or more precisely, the bright-hued scatter of discarded clothing that she'd spread across a big flowering cranberry bush. Raggedy shorts, skimpy halter top...and oh God, pastel pink panties and a matching lacy bra!
      All the air strangled in his lungs, and then exploded in a gasping rush, when she suddenly erupted from the rippling water like a mermaid. Dappled sunlight shimmered over her fair skin, highlighting every sensual curve. Then she vanished back underwater in one graceful arching dive...

Word Count: 25,698

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