Promise Papers #44 - Kari's Mom


[older woman/younger man, teen, male virgin, best friend’s mom, milf, cougar, hardcore sex, blowjob, anal sex]

Summer vacation had arrived, and Barry couldn't wait to ask his best friend, Kari, out on an official date. But it was her gorgeous mother, Lauren, who seduced him first, and taught him all the wondrous joys of hot, sweaty sex!


      "I--I guess I could give you a backrub," he stammered, flushing in the hot sunlight. Kneeling, he gingerly took the warm lotion from Lauren and spread some between his hands. It felt silky-smooth, the way a woman's soft breasts must feel...
      "You can't do a really good job from down there in the grass," she smiled. "Why don't you sit on the lounger with me? That's how Kari gives me backrubs, too...only you do such a better job! Your hands are bigger."
      That wasn't the only thing 'bigger' right now...Barry's long cock was thudding in triple-time along with his racing pulse as she invitingly patted her thigh, offering him a comfortable seat!
      His chest rose and fell in rapid cadence as he quickly glanced around the big yard. No one else was around...no one else would ever know...
      Lauren's sun-warmed skin felt soft and smooth under his flexing legs. His cock instantly jutted out at an erotic angle, pulsing with hunger. But she couldn't see, wouldn't ever guess...unless he forgot himself, and leaned forward to press it against her firm, rounded ass cheeks. He couldn't let that happen.
      Lauren's soft moan of pleasure snapped him back to full awareness. Oh, God, he'd slid his hands beneath her bikini strap, and it had snapped open...and he was leaning forward, thrusting his huge cock against her flexing ass...

Word Count: 4,273

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