Promise Papers #16 - Tease


[Barely Legal, Older Man Younger Woman, Virgin, Teen, Photographer, Hardcore Sex, M/F]

All the girls on the cheerleading team whispered about Alex, and the sexy photos he took down in his basement. If half the rumors were true, he'd seduced more girls than the entire football team combined!

He'd been taking ordinary modeling photos of Ariel for six months, and she didn't know what to believe...until the day he finally convinced her to model in the nude!


      He wasn't a sex fiend like the other girls claimed. She should know, they were together every single afternoon, even some weekends, and he'd never tried anything at all. And not because he wasn't interested...she'd seen the big bulge in his pants when he was taking her pictures.
      It was nice to feel so safe. But deep down inside, where she could barely even admit it, didn't she want to feel just a little excitement? How much fun it would be to tease him a little, and see how he reacted!
      "Let me change into my cheerleading uniform," she suggested, and headed for the bathroom. A few moments later she emerged, clutching the skimpy dress around her neck. "Can you zip me, Alex?" she asked over one shoulder. "I never can get it all the way up."
      Alex slowly obliged her, and felt his cock strain against his own zipper. He was all the way up, too bad she never seemed to notice! "You look stunning," he muttered as she waltzed over to the couch and nimbly sat down. "Okay, now cross your legs, good..."
      It took him a monumental effort to concentrate on his camera, but finally he managed it. Until the moment he'd been waiting for, the moment when he'd start leading her down a most delightful path.
      "Okay, now lay down," he instructed. "Bend your outside leg--no, the other one. Slide this one a little toward me..." Slowly he moved around, until he was staring right up her frilly skirt. "Oh, that's perfect. Hold it..."
      Click, click, click. Zoom in, so close that he could see tiny pink flowers on her soft silky panties. Then back again, very slowly, encompassing her slender legs, her lush breasts, her lovely face.
      Alex gulped. This was always the hardest part of his work, staying focused when his cock was hammering with raw lust and his pulse was racing faster and faster...

Word Count: 4,814

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