Promise Papers #18 - Serendipity


[Hardcore Sex, Ex-Marine, Cheating Husband, Masturbation, Outdoor Sex, Romance, M/F]

Madison was still in shock from having caught her husband red-handed banging his bubble-headed secretary. Now all she wanted was some peace and solitude. Time to think, time to figure out where she wanted to go with her life. Was that really so much to ask?

But she wasn't going to get her wish. Only hours after she pitched her tent at her favorite remote little campsite, her privacy was invaded by a sexy ex-Marine who was too charming to be real...and he didn't show any signs of wanting to leave!


      "I'm guessing the last thing you want right now is a love affair of your own."
      "Sorry." Apologetically he rubbed a fingertip over the scar hidden beneath his thick blond hair. "Me and my big mouth."
      It was endearing...and annoying. Maddie wasn't sure which emotion was taking the lead. But there was something almost childishly appealing about a sexy, muscular man flushing like a schoolboy who'd gotten caught in the cookie jar. And if his now-healed injury really was responsible for his impulse control problems...and he sure did have a habit of speaking before thinking!...well, it was hard to be mad at him for something he couldn't control.
      "Even if I was interested--and I'm not--I wouldn't have the faintest idea where to begin." She kept her voice level with an effort, and took a hearty bite of her eggs. They made up for that truly appalling coffee, and then some. "Frank was my first date, my first kiss, my first lover...my only lover," she amended with a faint sigh. "We started dating in junior high, and got married right after we graduated. Now..."
      He washed down a mouthful with a big gulp of coffee. "How long have you been married?"
      "Nearly nine years."
      "He's an idiot."
      She nearly choked on her food. "He what?"
      "He's an idiot." Something intense flickered in Brian's eyes, then faded away again. "You're young, sexy, beautiful, and intelligent. Anyone who would pass that up to grope under a secretary's skirt is an idiot."
      He'd managed to shock her again. She had a feeling it wouldn't be the last time. But his bold assessment was flattering, so she wouldn't let herself be offended--as long as he kept his hands to himself. She'd meant what she said. She wasn't interested in having an affair. Not with him or anyone else...

Word Count: 11,595

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