Beth's Hypnotic Sexy Wolf Shifter - Part 1


[shifters, erotic series, erotic mystery, sex story, hot couple action, older men and teen girls, werewolf fantasy, women’s erotic fiction, contemporary erotic fiction, alpha female and alpha male]

Eighteen-year-old Beth's world changes in a heartbeat when she comes face to face with a mysterious, older and powerful male who she feels she's met before in another time, another life. He promises her exciting moments if she learns to trust him and as her mind and body become increasingly captivated by his powerful presence as their mutual passion and lust ignites into a blazing fire, she ends up getting a lot more than she expected when he transforms himself into his true self when alone with her. Rather than be frightened, she finds herself wanting to get to know him on a deeper level, sharing a bond between them that knows no bounds, no time. Eternal. His gang, his pack, wait for permission, but it is he who holds the cards and he who convinces Beth to let herself be free. There are twists and turns and the heat level of this tale is off the scale. I hope my readers enjoy every word. ;-)


      Beth Annison gazed out of the café window wondering where the excitement in her life had gone. Despite masturbating before leaving work most days, she wanted, needed much more fun in her life. Whenever she touched her body she imagined her hands were those of many men, all at the same time; allowing them to roam free, overpowering her and pleasuring her, until she couldn’t orgasm any more. She had many hot fantasies, and this was one of her favourites. In work, her mind was under-stimulated and she went through the motions when striving to please customers and especially, her miserable, creepy and unappreciative boss.
      At the age of just eighteen, she felt like an old woman, instead of the vibrant and youthful one she wanted - and deserved to be. Working in the café took up most of her time but she’d recently decided to take up painting again, on Sunday afternoons as it relaxed her enormously after a day on her feet listening to disgruntled perfectionist customers moaning that their bacon was too crispy or that their egg yolk wasn’t exactly as they preferred it. Why don’t you bloody cook at home for yourself and stay there then? Beth often thought when looking at them with a fixed and forced smile upon her face. She wondered if they get off, sitting there and verbally abusing her for their own amusement. She often resisted the urge to hold a plateful of food above their heads and letting it drop onto them. Many times she so wanted to do that. It would be so worth it, she felt, but she couldn’t afford to get sacked from her job. With bills mounting up and rent overdue, she stood in the café kitchen, sighed, and controlled herself once more.
      She wished that she had the ability to hypnotise her fifty-five-year-old perverted boss. And complaining customers too. She wouldn’t have to speak to them or serve them then, or to listen to their hurtful criticism when she was trying to do her very best to please them at all times. With just her and another woman serving customers there, they were rushed off their feet most days. She took pride in her work but they obviously didn’t take pride in how they conducted themselves; one male customer even daring to scream and shout at her in front of her boss while she had the uncomfortable task of apologising. Apologising for something she hadn’t done in the first place! Her ‘crime’ had been to give one customer an extra rasher of bacon because he was a regular who she had the hots for, but she didn’t know he was on a diet. I can’t do anything right lately, she thought. As she picked up another plateful of breakfast to give to two others, she stopped and frowned.
      “Then why do you bother?” a deep and soothing voice said quietly in her right ear, followed by a pair of unseen hands which began sliding around her body and then upward, underneath her blouse and bra, followed by firm invisible fingers brushing across her nipples, causing her to gasp and to almost drop plates. She also felt a feather-light kiss on her cheek, followed by manly hot breath. She was ready to punch her boss, believing that he would probably do something like that, given half the chance. But the breath smelled pleasant and the voice so alluring and wonderful and oh, the intimate touching… Beth was sure her boss wasn’t capable of such skilled caresses. So who was?
      Turning around to find nobody there, she felt as if she were losing her sanity. Her eyes darted everywhere but she couldn’t find the source of what she had heard and felt. Shrugging her shoulders, her raven-black and glossy waist-length hair swayed from side to side as she made her way through the long café to deliver breakfast to customers who were whispering now, stopping as soon as she noticed them. The couple looked at each other and then momentarily out of the window before looking at Beth again. They thanked her for their meal, but as soon as her back was turned they started whispering again. As usual. She had no idea that her skirt was caught in her knickers after coming back from the toilet, and that they were exposed to everyone. She’d just assumed the draught on the back of her legs was from the air conditioning, or from rushing around.
      “Your skirt is caught in your knickers. Let me adjust it for you,” her boss whispered, as he walked past, pulling her skirt down, slowly. She almost slapped him but with her hands full of cleaning cloths and two empty plates from a different table, he had a very lucky escape. He knew exactly what he was doing. And she loathed him for it.

Word Count: 10,340

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