Beth's Hypnotic Sexy Wolf Shifter - Part 3


[shifters, erotic series, erotic mystery, sex story, hot couple action, older men and teen girls, werewolf fantasy, women’s erotic fiction, contemporary erotic fiction, alpha female and alpha male]

Menage, oral, anal, hypnotism techniques, time travel, more sex, romance, invisibility skills and a policeman who discovers his true calling and an ogre of a lecherous boss who learns a hard lesson, part three in this series has it all and lots more too. A highly graphic and detailed sexual tale, sure to excite readers no end. Will Beth and Kalon's future be all they want it to be? Discover what happens to them and how another pack are surprised beyond belief. Find out more by turning each page.


      Beth’s mind swirled in a flash of light, falling into a moment of crystal clarity. Back as a human woman now, the shock and surprise of experiencing a much deeper, more animalistic and freer part of herself, she never wanted to lose it. She’d lost almost all of her dignity working for Mr. Ivor Warting, her ogre of a boss back in the café and she wasn’t prepared to go through it again. She wanted to stay in the forest forever. Especially as the sex had been so spectacular with Kalon, and like nothing she’d ever experienced and enjoyed before.
      Turning to him, her eyes began to ever so slowly like a coiling snake around a helpless throat, overwhelming hypnotic powers clashing with his as he mustered up all the strength and power he’d ever known, ever accumulated over the countless centuries of his lifetimes. But, try as he did, where many others had succumbed to his hypnotism over the passage of time – she vehemently refused to. It annoyed him enormously, yet left him relieved. And incredibly impressed with her abilities. It also revealed to him just how fatigued he’d become and hadn’t really noticed, up to now. How much in denial he’d felt lately, when the magick of her presence provoked his tower-like world to begin crumbling, like old and worn-out stones in an eternity of time’s battles against weakened fortresses.
      He’d simply had enough.
      But she was merely beginning!
      As her eyes spewed fire and lightning and her incredible wolf body making her fragile human one useless, all he could do was to surrender more than just his physical and lycan wolf strength. His soul soon followed when she raised her arms, tore through his mind which was now in turmoil and panic as she transformed and shifted again into her sexier and supremely more powerful true self. A self that she was always destined to become but had never known how to, never been shown how to in fact. He’d been the catalyst. Meeting him had changed her forever.
      She’d been his saviour. And now? His leader. What a turnaround, he thought.
      His pack pounced to his defence but it was too little too late. Swatting them back like flies with her steel-strength arms, she mocked:
      “And you lot can sit the fuck down too, you weak doggies!”
      Consumed by rage and desperate to receive the go ahead from their Master, confusion swirled through their minds as no order from him came. They leaped and attempted to get her away from him again, only to suddenly find themselves all curled up in a corner of the room as she glared at them and simply blew them feet across the floor with one lungful of exhaled breath like they were particles of dust.
      “I told you to sit the fuck down. Now listen!”
      They growled where they sat, but stayed put.
      Mona approached her.
      “I need to speak to you, urgently,” she whispered.
      Placing Kalon and everyone else in the room in a trance and frozen in time, she looked at her best friend.
      Mona’s pleading and passion-filled eyes told her everything she needed to know before she even opened her mouth.
      “When you didn’t show up for work, I realised just how much you mean to me. I came here to see if you were okay but now, after what we’ve seen and felt,” she said, looking around the room as the smell of cum, desire, lust and satisfaction assaulted her nostrils, “well, I want to be a part of it. I don’t know if I’m dreaming, if I’ve been hit on the head or what, but whatever’s happened here, I can’t go back to my boring life. Not without you in it anyway…” she blurted, touching Beth on her shoulder gently. It didn’t matter to her that she was now taller, more muscular and – a wolf. What mattered to her was what was inside of her. Her heart, her feelings, her friendship and hopefully, her love – she wanted reciprocated.
      “Mona, I do love you, but only as my best friend. Nothing more. I’m bisexual, yes, but my feelings lean more toward Kalon. I’m sorry.”
      Mona felt her heart split and shatter into a thousand tiny pieces and a sudden anger raged inside her. Beth reacted instantly and touched her face. Erasing her entire memory of everything that had happened up to the moment they’d last sat outside to enjoy a coffee break next to the café, she watched the anguish fade from her face. As her friend slumped to the floor and slept, Beth gently picked her up and bounded through the doorway.

Word Count: 7,510

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