The One Less Traveled #5 - Cuckold's Journey


[Cuckold, Interracial, Hotwife, Dom, Slutwife, Bull, Chastity, Chastity Belt, Boyfriend, Panties]

A happy cuckold relationship ignites into a bonfire of sex, dominance, and submission. The gorgeous boyfriend takes control of the cuckold husband. A gorgeous wife falls further under her dominant lover’s spell, and revels in dominating her loving cuckold husband. A cuckold relationship deepens, and returns to the beginning. Cuckold’s Journey brings new challenges, risks, and surprising rewards.


      Collin’s voice held the whip of command, and I realized I’d lost myself in the moment. The intensity of their sex left me unable to move. I shook my head, and scrambled out of the pool. He’d given me an order, and I felt compelled to obey. When I returned, he was able to pry her away from his body just long enough don his robe. Then, with her lips still pressed against his body, he picked her up and carried her towards the door. I hurriedly draped the robe over her naked body, covering what I could while staying out of their way. It was a delicate operation, because he was still fully erect, and I didn’t want to get stabbed.
      I opened the door, and stepped aside. He carried her through the house to our bedroom. It finally dawned on me that he planned to fuck her in our bed. Collin was going to fuck Nicole, my wife for over a decade, in our marital bed. That realization washed over me as though I’d been dunked in ice water. It was powerfully erotic. I felt the chastity belt grip my scrotum as blood rushed to my cock, causing it to grow, and fill the plastic cage. I felt pressure at first as my cock expanded, but that soon turned to discomfort as the base ring pulled forcefully on my scrotum. I stopped to take a breath, standing slightly bent over, and I fought to soothe the jagged lust that coursed through my system.
      The bedroom door stood open. The moans and whimpers of foreplay drifted out to me. The lusty couple had disappeared inside, and despite my overwhelming desire to follow them, I hesitated outside the door. I leaned up against the wall breathing heavily, and desperately tried to assert control over my emotions.
      The bed squeaked. I recognized the sound.
      Collin and Nicole had moved onto the mattress. A few seconds later, more moans replaced the squeaking. The discomfort of the chastity belt threatened to grow into outright pain, but my desire to watch Nicole and Collin consumed me.
      Fuck it! I peeked around the corner.
      Collin lay on his back with his arms behind his head, his eyes closed, and a confident smile pasted on his face. Nicole crouched between his legs. Her head moved up and down over his cock, and she used her hands to stroke the portions of his cock not being touched by her lips. Her ass was in the air, her legs spread in a classic, and enormously sexy, doggy-style position. I’d seen porn stars who couldn’t manage that position half as well as my wife.
      Their robes lay in a pile by the bed, so I quietly moved into the room on my tiptoes and picked up the robes. Being able to focus on something other than sex kept the discomfort of the chastity belt at bay. I couldn’t control my cuckold desire, though, and after a few seconds, I glanced back at the bed. His eyes remained closed, but I saw Nicole’s flick over in my direction briefly before focusing again on his cock. I could scarcely believe how thoroughly she threw herself into sex with him.
      Insatiable. The word echoed in my mind.
      A poor, but adequate, description for my wife’s behavior.
      The chastity belt had grown uncomfortable, and the base ring pulled hard on my scrotum. I backed into the closet, and hung up their robes. I remained in the dark, quiet closet, and focused on slowing my heart rate. It took several moments to calm my mind and body, and a sigh of relief left me when I felt the pressure on my balls lessen.
      When I walked back into the room, they’d switched places. Nicole lay on her back, hands stretched above her head, and her fingers gripped the metal mesh of the headboard. She’d thrown her legs open, spread wide for her lover, and her breath came in short pants. An expression of lustful anticipation filled her face as she stared up at her lover. He knelt between her legs, and his long, thick cock lay on her stomach. It stretched from her pussy to her belly button, and I still struggled to understand how my wife could take such a monster.

Word Count: 24,684

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