The One Less Traveled - Volumes 1 - 5


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This anthology features the first five erotic stories from the celebrated series, The One Less Traveled, a steamy collection of books involving a gorgeous hotwife, a dominant black man, and a reluctant husband who evolves into an eager cuckold.

Nick and Nicole are the quintessential married-with-children suburban couple. Nicole seeks a boyfriend. Nick wants a happy wife. When they search for excitement outside their marriage and connect with a rich, handsome black stranger who desires control, a tempestuous erotic ride through the rapids of a carnal cuckold relationship ensues.


      “Will you zip me up again?”
      A simple question, an even easier task, but the act of zipping her dress felt like more…as if it were a physical seal of approval from me. She turned so I could re-zip up her dress, but met my eyes over her shoulder. Her dress felt light in my hands, the expensive material slightly stretchy, and the zipper moved upwards with barely a sound. When it reached the top, she gave me a nod that carried the full weight of our agreement, and I watched as she walked out of the room.
      She carried my heart with her.
      The room spun, and I felt light-headed. After making a mental note to breathe, I fell back onto the bed and stared up at the ceiling.
      My wife was with another man. She had my approval. Surreal. I reminded myself that whatever happened tonight, Nicole loved me and we’d have a future together. Despite my fatigue and overindulgence, I couldn’t sleep. After using the bathroom, I started back to my room when curiosity surged through me. I stood in the hallway, uncertain what I should do next.
      Back and forth I wavered, wearing only my boxers and a t-shirt, until finally I decided to check Collin and Nicole. It had only been a few minutes…well, maybe more than a few, but if I was this conflicted, I reasoned that I would convince her to wait a bit longer. I needed more time…time to get comfortable with her being with Collin, and time to sort out my own feelings.
      One deep breath, then another, and I felt myself start to move. My bare feet made no noise on the thick carpet, but my heartbeat thumped in my chest, and I imagined that I could hear it echoing in the hallway. One foot in front of the other, Nick, I thought and continued down the hallway.
      Just before walking into the living room, I peeked around the corner. I didn’t want to barge in on them for…a variety of reasons.
      What I saw shocked me to my core.
      Collin and Nicole were at the windows, with the drapes open, but they weren’t talking. They were making sounds, but soft moans and low groans had replaced spoken words. She was almost entirely naked, on her knees in front of him, wearing only her thigh-high stockings. In the dim light of the San Antonio skyline, I watched as she cradled his shaft in her hands. Slowly stroking it with loving precision. Her hands barely fit around it. I could scarcely believe his size. It was long enough for her to use both hands and still have room on both ends, and unbelievably thick, with a bulbous mushroom shaped head. A distant part of my brain registered that he’d been circumcised, and it made the head of it look even bigger…

Word Count: 156,950

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