The One Less Traveled #6 - Cuckold's Cliff


[Cuckold, Interracial, Hotwife, Dom, Slutwife, Bull, Chastity Belt, Boyfriend, Panties, Hardcore Sex, Cheating Wife, Bisexual, Masturbation]

Nick and Nicole’s hotwife and cuckold husband experiment is a resounding success…until it isn’t. Their sexy triad seems poised for more exciting and erotic fun, until Collin unexpectedly disappears with Nicole, leaving Nick frantic with worry. Sheila senses an opportunity with Nick. Nicole, lost in her boyfriend’s spell, realizes her sexuality is still evolving when she meets someone new.


      A quiet house greeted me the next morning. My bed felt empty without Nicole in it. The only company I had was my usual morning wood, and a vivid imagination ready to replay the cuckold videos from the previous night. As a cuckold husband, I thought I was used to the never-ending erotic energy that came with my wife having a boyfriend. Normally, I could redirect it, and focus my attention on the task at hand.
      Not today.
      Nicole had left for the entire weekend, and I couldn’t stop the visions that came from her extended absence. My imagination tortured me with startlingly clear and erotic vignettes of my wife and her boyfriend. A good portion of the little video snippets were g-rated, but just as exciting. My mental movie theater started playing, and visions of their morning activities flowed through my head.

     Nicole’s hands ran slowly over Collin’s naked body, finally stopping below his waist, and her fingers wrapped gently around his large cock. She leaned over, planting a soft kiss on his nipple before taking it into her mouth and running her tongue along the sensitive flesh.
      “Hmmmm. I like the way you wake me up.”
      HIs voice was deep, full of lust and the remnants of sleep. His fingers slid through her lustrous hair, and over the flawless skin of her back.
      She stopped sucking on his nipple and smiled at her lover. “Just wait, I haven’t even gotten started yet.”
      “Is that right?”
      “Yes. Lay back. I know how to take care of my man.”
      “I am your man, aren’t I?” She winked at him, but he wasn’t satisfied with a wink. His hand grasped a fistful of her hair, and he gently but sharply pulled her head closer. “Who’s your man?”
      “You are.” It was barely a whisper, and Nicole’s eyes were flooded with lust.
      “I didn’t hear you, slut.”
      “You!” Nicole repeated, louder, as a blush crept up her face.
      “You can do better!”
      She kissed him hard before she pulled back, met his eyes, and stated loud and clear, “You’re my man. I’m your submissive slut, and I love fucking you.”
      He released her hair with a smile, and watched as she slid under the covers. A long, heavy, contented sigh escaped him, and he put his hands behind his head. He closed his eyes, and a huge smile creased his face as my wife’s head bobbed under the sheets.
      “My fuckin slut!”

      Excitement crested in my body, and I scrambled into the bathroom, my rigid cock leading the way. The vision of my wife waking up her dominant lover with a world-class blowjob pegged my cuckold meter. I felt myself release into the toilet. The indescribable sensation of an orgasm surged through me, and my hips jerked several times as raw, powerful pleasure rippled through my muscles. Several seconds passed before my orgasm released its grip, leaving me gasping for breath.
      I cleaned the toilet bowl and surrounding area, because my cum had managed to land everywhere but inside the toilet bowl. The toilet flushed, swirling the water, and reminding me once again, I was alone. Alone aside from my imagination, and my visions still haunted me. I desperately wished to watch my wife service her lover like that in the future.
      It might even be worth wearing the chastity belt.

Word Count: 28,188

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