The One Less Traveled - Volumes 6 - 8


[cuckold, hotwife, interracial, cheating wife, lesbian, bisexual, groupsex, chastity belt, hardcore sex, masturbation, dom, bull, boyfriend, slutwife, voyeur, bbc, threesome]

Nick and Nicole’s hotwife and cuckold husband experiment is a resounding success…until it isn’t. Their sexy triad seems poised for more exciting and erotic fun until Collin introduces Nicole to Cynthia. The gorgeous athletic lesbian lusts after Nicole, and considers both Nick and Collin as potential rivals. Nicole’s feelings for Cynthia strengthen until they threaten both her marriage and her relationship with Collin. Nick, Nicole, Collin and Cynthia were brought together by raw attraction and carnal sex. Now they must decide whether to stay together, or choose separate paths!


      The restroom was tiny. Just as I finished and started washing my hands, I heard more laughter and giggles outside the door. I shut off the water, waited a second, and then heard another door shut.
      “Finally! We’re alone.”
      It was Nicole’s voice.
      “Are you sure?” Cynthia’s voice asked, and then she giggled. “Your boyfriend won’t miss you?”
      “No. I told you, don’t worry about Collin. He gave me the key to the game room, so we won’t be disturbed.” Her voice lowered as she spoke.
      “Why did you drag me up here, Nikki?” Cynthia’s voice was teasing, but sultry at the same time. “I saw your boyfriend pick you up and kiss you.” Disappointment colored her voice. “What do you want with me?”
      “I wanted to talk to you alone.”
      Nicole’s hesitant, careful tone surprised me. Based on what I’d heard so far, I half-expected them to rip each other’s clothes off. Cynthia apparently caught the note of caution, too.
      “Okay.” Her voice was tinged with a little concern. “What’s up?”
      “I like you…a lot, and I’m very attracted to you. Can I trust you to keep a secret? It’s important.”
      My wife’s voice trailed off, and I pressed my ear against the door, desperately trying to hear everything. A maddening silence descended in the room for several seconds.
      “Of course, Nikki, but why do you need me to keep a secret?”
      “You know I have a boyfriend, right?”
      “Yes. Honestly, I’m not interested in Collin.” Cynthia paused for a second before her voice became accusatory. “Wait, he doesn’t want to share you with a woman, does he?”
      “Collin is fine sharing me.” She giggled. “He’s like all guys…he loves the thought of two women together.”
      “Don’t they all?” Cynthia’s tone held a little bitterness in it. “You should know that I’m not interested in being shared with your horny boyfriend.”
      “That’s fine,” Nicole reassured her. “That’s why I wanted to talk to you privately. I didn’t want you to feel any pressure. You don’t have to worry about that with Collin and me.”
      “Good.” Cynthia paused. “That isn’t all, though, is it?”
      Nicole sighed. “No. My situation is complex. I didn’t want anything to happen between us unless you know it all first. It wouldn’t be fair to you.”
      “Thank you. I appreciate it.” A short pause. “So what’s the bombshell? You’re really a guy?”
      “No.” A pregnant pause. “I’m married.”
      Nicole said it plainly, and silence descended in the room.
      “Wait, you’re married, and you’re seeing Collin on the side?” Cynthia’s voice sounded impressed. “You go, girl.”
      “Not exactly.” Nicole paused. “God, this is hard to explain.” Several longs seconds passed with my ear pasted to the door before she continued, “Sexually speaking, I wanted more, and I asked my husband if I could have a boyfriend. He said yes.”
      “No freakin’ way!” Shock resonated in Cynthia’s voice. “Are you kidding me? Are you swingers?”
      “No. Collin is my boyfriend, and my husband knows everything. He’s actually friends with Collin, so there are no secrets.”
      “Wow. How’s it working?”
      “Awesome,” Nicole admitted with an excited giggle. Another short pause. “There’s one more thing.”
      “Holy shit, woman,” Cynthia giggled. “You’re gorgeous, sexy, and I want your body, but there are limits.”
      Nicole laughed. “Stop it. This isn’t easy.” Silence reigned for a good two minutes before I heard her soft voice again. “I’ve never been with another woman.”
      Cynthia laughed, and clapped her hands. “Now that’s something I can help you with, baby.”

Word Count: 80,600

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