Fantasy Avenue #4 - Barebacking The MILF #1


[MILF, bareback, teenager, secret sex life, cheating, age gap, secret desires, Alpha-stud-student]

Mrs. Madison isn't enjoying tutoring her best friend's son one bit.

She doesn't because the handsome stud eyes her as if she were nothing more but a lust object.

For weeks now the beautiful woman has silently put up with his prying eyes, not wanting to rock the boat. After all, after her ex left her for a younger woman, she needs the money.

Still, there is a limit to how much Mrs. Madison is willing to put up with. That limit being the obscene sight of the excited teenager's bulge as he openly ogles her. That is where Mrs. Madison draws the line with ragged breath and anger in her chest.

Unfortunately, for the attractive woman, the obscene sight triggers feelings that she didn't count on, her own biology soon her worst enemy.

The biology of a woman who has been sex-deprived for longer than she cares to remember.

Not because of a lack of admirers.

Thing is, Mrs. Madison isn't that kind of woman.

Mrs. Madison believes in romance and true love, not adventure.

Her student, however, sees things very differently. All he sees is a MILF.


      “Earth to Ralph,” Mrs. Madison said, trying hard not to sound annoyed, but she was.
      Private tutoring wasn’t exactly her dream job, but after that bastard had run off, leaving her for a girl who was barely out of college, money had been tight.
      With limited options available, she had settled for providing private tutoring to her best friends’ son. A handsome eighteen-year-old blonde hunk who clearly was more interested in staring at her tanned legs and the double D cup that she had always felt self-conscious over.
      A double D cup that made it almost impossible for her to find clothes at times. Not that there weren't option. There were. But they usually ended up stretched tight over her breasts. Not something Mrs. Madison was fond of.
      Today she wore a white blouse that was buttoned up to her slender neck, and a conservative skirt that came far down her knees, and good shoes. Practical shoes.
      At five foot and three inches, Mrs. Madison wasn’t exactly tall and her figure was actually slim, but her breasts had stood out ever since she was in her mid teens. And it was that combination of a slender build and exaggerated curves that made Mrs. Madison stand out even more than she already would have had she not been blessed with her curves.
      Stood out because of her model face.
      Altogether she presented a total package that guys simply couldn’t stop staring at.
      “Eh, oh, I’m sorry, Mrs. Madison,” Ralph said, his cheeks coloring.
      Taking a deep breath, Mrs. Madison tried to calm down, her jaw muscles working hard.
      Sorry? He was sorry he had been caught staring, but not about the staring itself. For once, she’d like to meet a guy who could actually see beyond the exterior and treat her as a person with thoughts and feelings.
      Someone who would see beyond the pretty face and warm smile, and the thick mane of black hair and blue eyes, and the body that oozed sex whether she liked it or not. It was that she really needed the money badly, or she’d throw in the towel.
      “Right,” Mrs. Madison said, forcing her mind back to a topic that didn’t excite her any more than it did Ralph.
      The Peloponnese Wars.
      Boring minutes later, struggling not to yawn mid-sentence, her eyes started to wonder and that is when she saw it, and her words slowly trailed off as the truth started to sink in.
      Mrs. Madison blinked hard and fast, unaware she was staring at what could only be a hard cock pressing against the fabric of her student's pants.
      Clearly an unusually large cock too, big and fat enough to take her breath away for a moment. But after the initial shock had worn down, all there was left was pure anger.
      For weeks the boy had been eye-fucking her and she’d put up with it as best as she could, telling herself that at his age it was something not be helped, but this was simply too much.
      “Ralph, can you explain to me why you need a big fat cock in your pants to study the fascinating subject of the Peloponnese Wars?” Mrs. Madison heard herself say, and noted that she sounded remarkably controlled, even civil. Considering the anger that boiled on her insides, that is.
      “Eh,” was the best Ralph could come up with, all red-faced.
      Worse, his cock stirred violently when another image flashed by his minds' eye. An image that showed his tutor on the floor, her legs spread wide and her panties torn away, and his diamond hard cock pivoting up and down her wet pussy.
      Mrs. Madison wanted to tell Ralph to fuck off, but the thought of losing the extra money simply hurt too much. It wasn’t much, but it was her gas money that she couldn’t do without.
      “Maybe you should jerk off before you come here,” she said coldly, a pang of hurt pride in her chest at the knowledge that she didn’t have the strength to tell him to leave her home and never come back.
      Ralph's face lit up and he said, “That’s a great idea, Mrs. Madison.”
      God knew he needed release. It was impossible to sit next to Mrs. Madison and not think of how it would feel to do her. Hot didn’t even begin to describe the woman who was as old as his own mother, and that only added to the appeal.
      Not a lesson would go by without fantasizing how it would feel to set up camp between her legs, his cock buried deep inside her snatch. Her hot breath on his skin as she begged for more. Her hot pussy milking his manhood. Her nails running over the skin of his back and rocking her hips.
      His friends had already joked about him nailing her during the private lessons, and he knew that it was because they wouldn’t mind getting a taste of Mrs. Madison themselves.
      “Thank you, Mrs. Madison,” he said as he got on his feet, his hands moving fast to his belt buckle.
      “Ralph, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” Mrs. Madison said, her mind struggling to digest what was happening. Panic hit her chest when her student unbuckled and unzipped his pants, struggling to get his stiff cock out, and her jaw dropping hard.
      “I’m going to wank off like you suggested, Mrs. Madison,” Ralph said, finally getting his pussy-plower out.
      Mrs. Madison knew she should say something, anything, before it was too late. But she just sat there. She had never seen anything like it and to make matters worse, she hadn’t had sex for more months than she cared to remember.
      The kid’s cock was gigantic.
      In a class of its own.
      Some would call it a mutation.
      Something not fit for human consumption.
      Thick veins ran over its entire length, from the broad root and up the shaft to just beneath the large, red head.
      A small cry escaped from the back of Mrs. Madison's throat when her neglected pussy generated a powerful pang of excitement when she took in the monster, spasming longingly. The temperature of her pussy fast rising together with her body temperature as the boy started stroking himself practically in her face.
      “Not here,” Mrs. Madison finally snapped, blushing at the way her own body responded. Standing, she felt her legs unsteady beneath her, and her anger was fueled by the impulse to reach down and feel the cock in her little hands.
      Just to make certain she wasn't dreaming, the horny part of herself whispered in the back of her mind. That only made Mrs. Madison feel more self-conscious. What kind of woman would respond like this? Unacceptable, her moral compass said.
      “But –“ Ralph said, disappointment etched on his face, his hand not stopping stroking his cock hard and fast.
      God, he really was a borderline idiot or playing it very well.
      “Just go use the bathroom,” Mrs. Madison said, turning her face away, shamed by the knowledge that she was ready to use the bathroom herself to get some relief of her own. As much as she hated it, her cunt was on fire.
      “The bathroom?” Ralph said, sounding thoroughly appalled as if the object of his desires had just made an indecent proposal.
      “Yes, the bathroom!” Mrs. Madison said, exhausted by the absurdity of it all. “Go! Now,” she said, pointing to the door, unable not to take a peek at the throbbing organ as the kid walked by looking thoroughly dismayed.
      Sitting down, she listened to Ralph’s receding steps, and disturbed the silence that followed with a deep sigh.
      Even the years of yoga, providing her body with strength and flexibility and mental focus, couldn’t help her now. The suffering woman tried to concentrate on her breathing, but images of the blood engorged organ kept disturbing her.
      Vivid images that left nothing to the imagination.
      Each image making her sweat a little harder.
      Each image resulting in another deep and lusty sigh.
      Each image causing her aching snatch to throb a little bit stronger.
      She could just picture him jerking off in her own bathroom, his cum blasting from the tip. Thick globs of it. That was an image that made Mrs. Madison lick her lips, heat exploding in her belly, and her stiff nipples tingle.
      Would he at least have the common sense to collect it in a tissue? He better. Her own pussy was undeniably sobbing, leaving her panties soaked and the smell of her own horniness hanging around her.
      She couldn’t recall ever being this embarrassed and just then she heard the kid grunt, a low and primitive sound that told her that he had just climaxed, and her horny pussy contracted violently.
      “This is ridiculous,” Mrs. Madison murmured under her breath.

Word Count: 6,800

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