Fantasy Avenue #4 - Barebacking The MILF #2


[MILF, bareback, teenager, secret sex life, cheating, age gap, secret desires, Alpha-stud-student]

Not knowing how to handle both her own responses and the stud who makes her sweat, Mrs. Madison tries to act cool.

That is a mistake she soon learn.

A mistake that comes with a price tag that makes Mrs. Madison blush the mother of all blushes as her best friend's boy slowly conquers new ground with each passing day.

And just when the beautiful Mrs. Madison thinks things can't possibly go more wrong, she learns that there is always a new low her excited biology is willing to sink to if it means getting what she really want.

The one thing Mrs. Madison knows she should stay away from.

A steamy read that will leave you wanting more. Mrs. Madison, too, for that matter.


      Mrs. Madison checked herself in the mirror, unable to look herself in the eyes, deep down a shame looming that she tried hard to avoid.
      Shamed by her own immature behavior, but too horny to change course.
      The weather was lovely and today she had settled for a white blouse that was cool to the touch. A blouse that had shrunk during washing. That had sealed its fate as a garment never to be worn.
      Until today.
      The first day too that she had decided to go without a bra. Something that would have been unthinkable until now.
      Unthinkable until she had woken up after a night of running a devastating cock-fever, her leaking pussy reemerging from each orgasm her favorite toy brought her - hornier than ever.
      Horny enough to prevent Mrs. Madison to think clearly, or listen to the voice of her conscience.
      Horny enough to continue down a path that she knew was wrong.
      Everything her hot snatch wanted more than anything else. If only her troubled conscience wasn't so strongly in disagreement.
      Without a bra, it was easy to see her nipples were stiff and long. The top four buttons were already undone and with trembling fingers, nerves gearing through her system, she unbuttoned the fifth.
      Just some harmless naughtiness, she assured herself, only partially believing the lie.
      Pink and tight fitting shorts showed off the roundness of her hips and ass, and allowed her to showcase her well-tanned shapely legs.
      Like the previous day, she was wearing the same four inch heels.
      And despite the protestations of her conscience, Mrs. Madison couldn't help but smile at the prospect of the look on her pupils face when he'd see her. Smile and her horny pussy leak.
      Ralph didn't disappoint his tutor. His eyes grew large the moment he took in the heavy tits that were practically there for the taking, and his jaw dropped. By the time he sat down next to her in the living room, his cock was already hard as rock.
      "It is so hot today," Mrs. Madison said, fanning herself with her hand, "that I thought I'd dress a bit lighter."
      "Fuck," Ralph said, his eyes glued to the tits that made him want to tear Mrs. Madison's blouse off, the rest too for that matter. "With you it is hot every day, Mrs. Madison."
      Blushing, butterflies in her stomach, Mrs. Madison tried to casually laugh the compliment away, her cheeks burning.
      "Watch your language, Ralph," she said and took herself by surprise by intentionally dropping her pen. Bending over, she placed her hand on the teenager's bulge, thrilled to feel the fuck-pole stir in response to her touch.
      Not thinking about what she was doing, she kept it there while she fumbled around trying to pick her pen off the floor.
      Childish and immature, her conscience told her. Mrs. Madison ignored it, her pussy too far gone to be discouraged by something as silly as morals.

Word Count: 7,500

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