Mrs Makepeace Hotwife Adventures #1 - The Mechanic


[MILF, hotwife, cuckold, cheating wife, hardcore sex, oral sex, older woman, younger man, mechanic]

Mrs. Makepeace is the hotwife alter-ego of a British lady who lives in the USA. She's married to a wealthy American man, yet enjoys sex and many extramarital affairs. There is no shortage of willing partners because her ripe, voluptuous figure attracts men like bees to honey. This book sees her with a young mechanic who takes her fancy.


      “You’re pretty wild yourself,” he told me. Then he paused before going on to say, “Is your husband really waiting outside?”
      I kept on working a hand over his cock.
      “Yes. The plan is I leave my car here and then take him out to the airport. He’s going away this afternoon. I’m meant to drop him off and drive his car home.”
      “What if he comes in? What if he decides to check up on you?”
      My hand went still. I looked up at his face and gave a half-shrug. “Don’t you worry about that,” I said, then went back to the stroking.
      “Fuck! you’re crazy!” he cried.
      I paused again. “I can stop this right now. If you’re worried,” I said.
      Air hissed out of his nose before he gurgled his response. “Shit, no. Please don’t quit.” His tongue slipped over dry lips before he asked, “Do you cheat on him a lot?”
      I was purposely casual in my reply.
      “Oh yes, often,” I said, my tone bright and cheerful. Like it was nothing at all to fuck other guys.
      “How long have you been married?” he asked, the question followed up by a low moan of pleasure.
      I let out a dry chuckle and said, “Fifteen years.”
      Pre-cum leaked from his dick as my fist worked to-and-fro, the shaft slick with the desire sliding from the slit in the bulb.
      It felt so sweet to have his cock in my fist. jacking his length. Doing that to him, a complete stranger in his skanky workshop, had me squirming with need.
      Tasting his pre-cum only made me worse when I took a lick of the swollen cock-head, a gasp coming out of my throat while male gristle filled my mouth.
      “Huh-how long was it before you first cheated?” he asked.
      I glommed at him for a few seconds, loving the thrill of taking a new man into my mouth before easing off him and gasping a reply.
      “Straight away,” I said, no hesitation. “If you must know, I cheated the day I got married.”

Word Count: 17,000

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