Mrs Makepeace Hotwife Adventures #3 -The Cuckold


[MILF, cuckold, bisexual, big tits, cheating, wife, hardcore sex, groupsex]

The third Mrs. Makepeace adventure sees her involved in a threesome with a pair of bisexual male architects. Then she goes home to her husband...


      “34G,” I told him, to save him from asking.
      Then, while Jimmy boggled and licked his lips, I hung the blouse next to the skirt and scooped my big tits out of my bra.
      “Oh, yeah,” I heard Aaron drawl. “That’s what I’m talking about. Wow,” he sighed. “Mrs. Makepeace…I double want to pour chocolate over you now.”
      I didn’t reply, just turned to present my derriere to the pair as they stared. Then I peeled my underwear down. I did it slowly, teasing them both. I leaned forward at the waist and stuck my butt out at them, the thrill of knowing the oyster of my pussy was exposed to their stares causing a squeeze of desire.
      “There,” I whispered, turning to show them the front. “Mrs. Makepeace is ready for her boys.”
      Which is when I tossed my knickers aside and first clapped eyes on the long pole Aaron was stroking.

Word Count: 14,400

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