Futanari Billionaire #2 - Sold to a Futanari Billionaire


[futanari, futa, dickgirl, teen, lesbian, sex, oral sex, dominant, submissive, threesome, blackmail]

Chelsea can’t escape her past. After her one-night stand with the futanari billionaire Michelle Tanaka, she’s confronted by Michelle’s rival, the controversial socialite Chantelle LeBron and is given an offer she can’t refuse: meet her musical idol, and have wild, limitless futanari sex. It seems that as soon as a rich futanari crosses her path, Chelsea loses all control and her desire for futa-fun takes over. But this time, she may be in over her head. This time, there may be more to this encounter than just sex with a well-hung woman.

SOLD TO A FUTANARI BILLIONAIRE is the second book in the FUTANARI BILLIONAIRE series, and is over 12,000 words of intense, hardcore sex between a futanari and a female, with some threesome action thrown in for extra fun!


      Before Chelsea knew what she was doing, she was on her knees, the throbbing, slender cock inches from her nose. It was certainly not as thick or long as Michelle’s, but that didn’t make it any less tantalizing, especially after such a dry spell in her sex life.
      Chantelle made it bounce again, and the glimmering pink tip brushed against Chelsea’s cheek. With her heart pounding her in her chest, and her sweaty shoulders enveloped in the billionaire’s scent, the teen gripped the base of the cock and slipped the tip in her mouth.
      Her senses were flooded with the warm, sticky saltiness of Chantelle’s cock. Chelsea sucked, building pressure in her cheeks around the top half of the shaft. The blonde billionaire purred. “Good girl. That’s how Mommy likes it.”
      The Pomeranian yipped stupidly, vying in vain for some attention while its master got her dick sucked. With her eyes closed, Chelsea bobbed her head, gradually working the cock until she took every inch of it in her mouth and throat. Her lips kissed the base of Chantelle’s shaft. She gingerly fondled the futa-balls, enjoying how taut the hairless, slightly wrinkled skin felt. Chantelle’s hips bucked, gently at first, but soon with more vigor as Chelsea’s mouth brought the heiress closer to orgasm. She threaded her fingers through Chelsea’s blonde locks, gripped some in her fist, and then pushing the college student’s head down. Chelsea tried not to gag, but the motion of Chantelle’s hips and rough hand was driving the cock deeper and faster down her throat. “That’s it, baby, keep going. Momma’s–”
      It was too much for the teen. Chelsea pushed against Chantelle’s thighs, freeing herself of the cock while breaking the billionaire’s grip on her hair. She took three deep breaths, her lips wet and shiny with precum. She looked at Chantelle, and could see even through the sunglasses that the futa was angry. She mouthed the words “how dare you”, but the futanari’s expression went from anger to surprise when, in a few smooth motions, Chelsea ripped off her shorts, panties, trainers and socks, and straddled the billionaire’s lap. Holding the base of Chantelle’s cock in her hand, she lowered herself onto the tip until the heiress entered her eager, dripping pussy.
      “Oh, you sweet little bitch,” Chantelle LeBron hissed before letting out an uncontrollable moan; her futa-cock enveloped in those warm, inviting lips.

Word Count: 12,060

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