Fantasy Charters #2 - Swinging At Anchor


[Caribbean erotica, interracial sex, anal sex, girl on girl, swapping, group sex, hardcore sex]

Roger has worked his way into the Caribbean on sailboats, now he's chartering for Lateenya, a smoking hot black skipper with a catamaran. She expects him to satisfy her in every way, as well as her female guests passengers. That isn't always smooth sailing. Some clients prove more challenging than others. But Roger is willing to do his best, giving them pleasure in every hole. When a couple come aboard to talk about arranging charters for swingers, he and Lateenya have to show them that they are willing to go all the way—hard and hot and bareback.


      Back in the cockpit, I settled down on the settee to take a rest. With nothing to do, I decided that I might catch a nap myself. By sleeping here in the cockpit, if I was needed for anything important, like fixing a drink, I’d be easy to find. I found it difficult to ignore the muffled but still audible goings on that came from the passengers’ stateroom. Listening to them fucking their brains out was hot, but it wasn’t helping me relax. My cock was already swollen uncomfortably, and I didn’t think it politic to ditch my cutoffs. Worse, I had no idea when I might be able to get some relief. Not listening was the logical option, so I dug my music player out of the chart table, popped in my earbuds, cranked up the Rolling Stones, and stretched out on the settee to let my brain grow numb.
      I drifted in and out of what passes for consciousness, but not really sleeping. I must have been half asleep when I became aware of someone coming into the cockpit from the saloon. I cranked one eye part way open and saw Jean, still charmingly naked. The red marks of a few fading love bites decorated her lovely small breasts and she wore a contented smile. Her inner thighs were damp and shiny in the sun. I hadn’t had a good look at her from the front when she was naked, and she was all I had imagined. Her shaved pussy was a tantalizing vision that I was certain I heard calling to me.
      Through half-closed eyes, I watched her walk over to where I lay. She paused, and then smiled down at me. From the tilt of her head and the hungry smile, I was sure she had focused her own gaze on my crotch.
      Still smiling, she stretched her arms up over her head and locked her fingers together. She arched her back, making her breasts jut out and turning in place, and giving me a panoramic tour of her body. It was a delightful body to tour and the appropriate parts of my body, suitably impressed, responded as I am sure she intended. After a moment she slowly lowered her arms, running her hands over her breasts, pausing to pinch her nipples and stretch them out. Then she continued their slinky slide down over the flat of her belly and ending up with a hand on each of her thighs. She took a slow, deep breath and, making sure I watched, carefully placed one hand on her pussy and then rested the other a small hand delicately on my belly, her palm flat on it just below my belly button. I felt the heat it radiated flow directly to my swelling cock. She let it burn there for a tantalizing moment before she inched it lower. In small, teasing movements, her fingers slipped under the waistband of my cutoffs. I felt the tips of her nails touch my cock, felt her thin fingertips move to tease it, and I saw her lick her lips as she encircled it and wrapped them around the stiff shaft.

Word Count: 22,500

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