Fantasy Charters #4 - Full Moon Cruise


[Caribbean erotica, sailing erotica, group sex, anal sex, double penetration, threesomes, interracial sex, hardcore sex]

Lateenya takes a much-needed break to see lusty friends and party. She leaves Roger in charge of the boat and the charter business. En route she meets a sexy mystery man and goes to his shack on the beach. They screw furiously without exchanging names, then he goes to work. When she gets to her girlfriend Ginnie’s place she learns that she wants to watch her husband Serge screw Lateenya, and it winds up becoming a wild threesome.

When Lateenya leaves Roger and Tommy waste no time convincing two lovely and lusty ladies they’ve met to take an erotic cruise, promising lovely, balmy nights and plenty of crazed sex under the full moon. The girls are even more adventurous than they expected and it leads to bareback sex in every combination.


      He stopped in front of a shack that sat just above the high-water mark. He waited for a moment, letting her look at it. When she turned to look at him again, his eyes took in hers and then devoured her body. Her hand felt like a child's in his as he led her up to the door, which was a heavy cloth of some kind, and inside. The shack was a single room with a dirt floor. On one side was a makeshift kitchen with a propane stove and a bed and an old footlocker sat on the other. Incongruously, a large wooden model of a sailing ship, its masts almost neck high, that appeared to have been carved out of a palm tree sat inside the door. She gave it an admiring look, not for its artistic value, but for the loving work that had gone into it. When she turned away, she saw him studying her face, his own expression unreadable.
      She walked to the bed and looked at it. It was an old bed, but clean and neatly made. The man came up behind her and she sighed as he wrapped his arms around her. His face nuzzled her neck for a moment before his hands began exploring her, running over her breasts before pulling down the top of her bikini. He removed it and tossed it away. The air on her bare breasts made her nipples tingle, or perhaps it was anticipation. What difference did it make? she asked herself as his large hands engulfed her breasts, his fingers pinching the nipples.
      She arched back against him and his pelvis pressed against her ass. She felt his erection, a hard rod trapped in his cutoffs. She found herself aching to touch it, to feel the heat of his cock in her hand, but he held her tightly in his arms and all she could do was let him continue.
      He took control of the moment, seeming to enjoy holding her prisoner there. Then one hand moved and she shivered as it slowly crossed her rounded belly and worked its way inside her bikini bottom, tracing the curve of her mons.
      He fingers rubbed her gently. "I am going to get you nice and wet, girl," he whispered as his fingers spread her pussy open. She spread her legs apart to give him room and was rewarded with the fiery sensation of two large fingers entering her.
      She grew wet quickly. His touch aroused her, making her even wetter. She squirmed as his fingers tormented her and when his mouth captured her earlobe and sucked it, she reached back to stroke his cheek. He cooed in her ear.
      He was taking his time and it was driving her delightfully mad.
      Finally his hands undid her bikini bottom and tossed it aside. His had returned between her legs immediately, stroking her swelling swollen cunt. She moaned as he thrust his fingers inside her, harder now.
      "You are all turned on," he said softly. He rubbed his pelvis against her ass. "Do you want my hard cock in this pussy, pretty lady?" he whispered.

Word Count: 23,000

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